Monday, June 7, 2010


at my weekly yoga class last tuesday, our instructor (hi, allison!), as she frequently does, talked all about the "magic" word awareness.

this girl? is not me.

the best lesson i've learned since i started doing yoga over a year ago is awareness of myself (breath, body, brain), of others, and of my surroundings, and how to integrate it all into my daily life.  yoga has really been way more educational and beneficial than i ever imagined.  ("changed my whole perspective on shit" - sorry, had to, easy zoolander quote fun). 

back to this week's yoga class.  allison used a phrase that i loved the minute she said it, and i have not been able to get it out of my head:  the conscious observer.

being a conscious observer integrates and relates to other great concepts like being present, being aware, living purposefully, and living graciously.  my point?  well, i guess i just wanted to share this intriguing idea with you all, as a mindful way to go into the new week.  feel free to do with it what you wish!

xo. di. 


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