Tuesday, June 8, 2010

beach party.

i think it's about time for another edition of things diane really, really, really wants on etsy like the first time around, it's a little eclectic, but a definite theme emerges in round 2:

i love decorating w/ mason jars.  might have to buy a bunch from mattlaurajones's shop
wish i had an outdoor bench and...uh...a seashore...to display these pillows from myadobecottage's shop
have you been seeing paper poms everywhere TOO?  and loving them as much as i have?  partypom's shop ships them flat so they don't get messed up.  smart!
pretty gift tags from seasonaldelight's shop to add to some brown paper: makes for the prettiest packages

so then the theme?  it seems i'm subconsciously wishing i could throw a party on the beach.  who has a place in, say, the hamptons (go big or go home) they want to lend me?  just leave me a comment if you're interested ;)

try and tell me you don't want to be here right now:

 . . . a girl can dream.

xo. di.   


  1. very beachy indeed! I love those ball jars, I used to have bunch of blue ones but I sent them to goodwill :( (what was I thinking?)
    Can I come to the Hamptons with you?

  2. I love everything you showed, especially the mason jars. I have one that I usually use as a vase but I wish I had a whole bunch of them!

  3. We bought those blue mason jars and have used them a few times already. Definitely recommend getting them!

  4. thanks, girls! and:

    ms. less, of course you can! just have to get the location pinned down ;)

    alaina, i think i actually found the mason jars thru your LCY hydrangeas post - so, thanks!!

  5. I love the beach theme. It's where I want to be right now, only if it's warm though because it sure is raining alot here in Seattle.

  6. Oh, yes, I just love a good beachy theme. I've had my eye on those blue mason jars lately as well. So pretty!

  7. I have some of those jars & absolutely love them! I love the tags that you found...& the pillows &...well...the whole thing! I live nowhere near a beach, but this post has me wishing otherwise! And, now I can bring the beach to me! Thanks!


thanks so much for the note! i love reading your comments. xo. di.

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