Friday, September 28, 2012

friday free for all: emmy favorites.

I couldn’t seem to get to this earlier in the week when it was more relevant, but I decided sharing my favorites from the Emmys Red Carpet worked for a friday free for all, so here we go.  A few different sorts of picks from my usual this time around I think; let’s see if you agree:

Kerry Washington in Vivienne Westwood.  That sparkle and color against her skin tone is gorgeous. She looks so comfortable and at ease in the dress as well, like it’s a part of her. Less enamored with the hair, though the fly-aways were likely caused by the sweltering temps.  The make-up, though understated, really pops.  

Jessica Pare in Jason Wu.  I think this look took the cake for me.  Just so elegant and classic.  “Old Hollywood Glamour” is a term that gets thrown around a lot, but I really feel like she stepped out of an old black & white Oscars broadcast here. 
Tina Fey in Vivienne Westwood.  I don't think she’s ever looked better.  The cut of that neckline is so gorgeous and flattering, and the hair and make-up are pretty perfect as well.

Allison Williams in Oscar de la Renta Spring 2013.  That emerald color is dynamite.  She might have needed an inch or two off the hem, but that’s just a quibble.

Emilia Clarke in Chanel Resort 2013.  I’ve heard many pan this one, and it is definitely different, but I really dig it.  Maybe because it’s a little costumey and I’m used to always seeing my Khaleesi in costume?  I don’t know, it's just working for me.

Anna Chlumsky in custom Christian Siriano.  Just love the detail in this fabric, particularly along the bust line.  Reminds me a bit of Mila Kunis' lilac Oscar dress   

Emily Van Camp in J. Mendel Resort 2013.  What a gorgeous dress on a gorgeous woman.  I just wish it had been in a less drab color.  Even a soft pink would have warmed her up a bit.  Or an icy blue to match her eyes?  

Ginnifer Goodwin in Monique Lhuillier Resort 2013.  This is definitely an odd choice for my usual taste but I fricking LOVE this dress.  I would wear the crap out of it, even though I usually irrationally hate mullet-hem dresses.  The pattern is really working for me, as is her Snow White hair and skin.  Shout out to Once Upon a Time coming back this Sunday (followed by Revenge, followed by 666 Park Avenue; what a deliciously soapy night!).    

Nicole Kidman in Antonio Berardi.  Ohhhh not a fan of the stick straight hair, but a stunner of a dress.

My biggest disappointment was January Jones in Zac Posen: what an amazing dress paired with such terrible hair and weird, intense make-up.

Who were your best and worst this year?  And what are you up to this weekend?  It’s going to be beautiful here, so we’re seeking out a trip to the “country” outside Chicago for a pumpkin patch or an apple orchard or something fallish.  I’ve also added some more clean-out projects to the to-do list: forward momentum, yay!  And the Halloween decorations are just itching to come out of the closet…

Have a wonderful weekend.

xo. di. 

*images via & tom & lorenzo

Thursday, September 27, 2012

books of fall.

i have been anxiously awaiting the release of two books this fall.  i put together some book-to-outfit concepts to share my excitement with you all.  

today marks the highly-anticipated release date of j.k. rowling's first non-harry potter book (and first adult novel!), the casual vacancy.  and while small town english politics aren't something i would normally seek out in a book (no offense to the small town english polticians who are clearly reading this blog!), she's garnered enough good will that i preordered my copy on amazon months ago.  

1. sweater / 2. necklace  /3. leggings  / 4. casual vacancy  /5. lipstick  /6. boots / 7. watch 

and just a month from now, just in time for halloween, the second novel in "the passage" trilogy by justin cronin is finally out.  the series, about a vampire apocalypse, is stephen king-esque (in fact, it comes stephen king recommended): thrilling, chilling, terrifying, heart-warming, heart-breaking, etc etc etc.  the first book came out in the summer of 2010, and c, my mom and i all devoured it.  since it's a trilogy, practically nothing was resolved at the end of the first book, so we've been dying for over 2 years to find out what happens next.     

1. sweater / 2. parka / 3. backpack (similar) / 4. vampire survival guide / 5. the passage
6. leggings / 7. boots / 8. watch / 9. the twelve

any books you're looking forward to reading this fall?

xo. di.

*images as denoted above

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

pencil renaissance.

one of my favorite side benefits from taking melissa esplin's i still love calligraphy course this summer was falling back in love with no. 2 pencils.  i like to call it my pencil renaissance.  ok that's super nerdy, pretend i never said that.  butttt i spent a lot of time getting comfortable with the letters just using pencil before i switched to the ink, and besides the fact that i am way better at pencil calligraphy than ink calligraphy, it was also just fun to work with a freshly-sharpened pencil.  

i happened to win sam's giveaway for 6 pencils from the big harumph back in july, so i got to have my own joe fox-kathleen kelly moment with my bouquet of newly-sharpened pencils.  i'm debating adding this princess bride-inspired set to the renaissance (there i go again) as well.  how can i resist?!

xo. di. 

*images property of diane crary

Monday, September 24, 2012

much love monday.

i like to use monday as a way to reflect on the previous week, to start anew, and to send a little love into the world.  won't you join me?    

today i am grateful for:

a great clean-out-and-get-things-done kind of a weekend, and a fun emmy's night with c (although he watched the patriots game on his computer most of the time.  could we be more of a stereotype?!) 

pictures worth a thousand words:

{dahlias from the green city market}
{fall decorating in full swing (and now enjoying the dried version of sister's wedding flowers!)}
 {yes, more pumpkins!}
{after 6 years with my dell, i finally made the switch to mac.  it's been quite the learning experience, still working through it!}

this week's blog love:   
here's to another grateful and love-filled week.  

xo. di.

*images belong to diane crary

Friday, September 21, 2012

friday free for all: cold snap.

we had our first cold snap in chicago this week.  trench + scarf + tights were all pulled back out of the closet.  the chill has left me feeling a little contemplative and a little quiet, like the mood emanating from these images.  

my sister and her husband(!) had planned to visit us here in chicago this weekend, but they had to cancel yesterday due to her poor sick horse (who we think is recovering nicely from the potomac fever, phew!).  i think i shall turn this quiet, contemplative mood into a deep clean and purge weekend in our full-to-bursting apartment.  it is supposed to rain all day saturday, after all.  what are your plans for this first official weekend of fall?

and congratulations to #11, andreamarie, the winner of the paper menage giveaway!  andrea, send me an email at so you can claim your prize.

have a wonderful weekend.

xo. di.

*images photographed by nikolav biryukov for elle ukraine via

Thursday, September 20, 2012

wilderness man.

in honor of the return of parks and recreation on nbc tonight, one of my absolute-most-favoritest shows (watch it!), i bring you adam scott's recent editorial for maxim, of all places.  some great men's fashion on display here.  patterned sport coats are so much fun.  kinda digging their comeback.   


xo. di.

p.s. one last reminder that my paper menage giveaway ends today at 5 p.m.!

*images via tom & lorenzo

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

the statement.

well readers, i need your help.  i have fallen in love with a statement necklace from modcloth, but cannot decide on a color!   i know, i know, a very important problem.  but still, which would you choose?!

xo. di.

*images as noted above

Monday, September 17, 2012

much love monday.

i like to use monday as a way to reflect on the previous week, to start anew, and to send a little love into the world.  won't you join me?    

today i am grateful for:

a pretty surprising irish victory and some really beautiful fall weather.

pictures worth a thousand words:

{pumpkins are back on the mantel}
{and acorns are on the side table}
{stumbled on a darling patisserie coming out of the dentist and took some treats home for breakfast}
{have been enjoying this recipe for energy balls}
{my game day gear}

this week's blog love:  
here's to another grateful and love-filled week.  

xo. di.

*images belong to diane crary

Sunday, September 16, 2012

my apologies!

so sorry for the spam posts this afternoon, friends.  not entirely sure how it happened - i was playing around in polyvore and somehow linked the two accounts.  basically, i'm an idiot.  sorry again!

xo. di.

Friday, September 14, 2012

friday free for all: tweedy.

 it's still pretty warm here in chicago, but we have ourselves the beginning of an autumn chill in the air!  this weekend, i will be celebrating a friend's 30th (!) birthday, taking in lots of football (go irish!), and enjoying time with one of c's high school buddies, who is staying with us.  what are you up to?

have a wonderful weekend!

xo. di.

p.s. have you entered the paper menage giveaway yet?

*images via

Thursday, September 13, 2012

windy city wine.

as i mentioned in monday's post, i spent saturday afternoon & evening at the windy city wine festival in grant park with a group of fabulous girlfriends.  it was one of those picture-perfect chicago september days where you can't believe you ever question leaving this city (which usually happens around january/february of each year!).  i've lived here for six years and never knew this festival, situated around buckingham fountain, even existed until last friday (whoops!).  

if you go next fall, i recommend arriving in the afternoon or early evening - as the day went on the festival got more and more crowded, which turned into longer and longer lines for the tastings.  when we first got there, you could walk right up to almost every stand, which is just way more fun!

xo. di.

*images belong to diane crary

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

the paper menage + giveaway.

another day, another lovely stationery shop to introduce to you.  say hello to the paper menage:

kelsey, the woman behind the paper menage, recently launched her own etsy shop as a creative outlet during graduate school.  she creates her cards from original watercolor paintings.  and lucky for us, kelsey is offering 5 free cards of your choice to one a spot of whimsy reader! 

to enter the paper menage 5 card giveaway:

become a google friend connect follower of a spot of whimsy  
and tell me to whom you most frequently send snail mail.
 (include your email address or make sure it's in your profile so i can notify the winner)
  if you are already a follower, then just leave your comment!

  for extra entries:
1.  "like" the paper menage's facebook page
leave another comment saying you did.
2.  tweet about the giveaway
include my twitter - @aspotofwhimsy - in the tweet!
then leave another comment right here telling me you did.
3.  follow me on instagram (user: aspotofwhimsy).
comment one more time to tell me that. 

entries close on thursday, september 20 at 5 p.m. central time.  winner will be selected through a random number generator and will be notified on friday, september 21!  good luck! 

and for ALL my readers, the paper menage is offering 10% off with code aspotofwhimsy for the next week (through 9/18).  enjoy!

xo. di.

*images via the paper menage

Monday, September 10, 2012

much love monday.

i like to use monday as a way to reflect on the previous week, to start anew, and to send a little love into the world.  won't you join me?    

today i am grateful for:

after a 3 week hiatus, much love monday is back to celebrate a return to normalcy and a fun girls' weekend.

pictures worth a thousand words:

{saturday afternoon spent at the windy city wine festival}
 {girlfriends in front of buckingham fountain}
{sunday morning spent wandering renegade craft fair}
 {you know i love this shop name!}
{purchased one of these little guys from the plaid pigeon for my dinosaur-loving boy}

this week's blog love:  
here's to another grateful and love-filled week.  

xo. di.

*images belong to diane crary

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