Thursday, May 16, 2013

Beauty | Dr. Jart+ BB Cream

I have fallen, like so many before me, for BB ("beauty balm") cream.  Dr. Jart's, in particular.  To begin, a confession: when I first started wearing make-up every day, some time in early high school, I declared [to myself] to go concealer/foundation/powder free for as long as possible.  And for the next 10+ years, I adhered to that declaration.  Beyond not liking the feel of it on my face and worrying about break-outs, I just felt that having a natural base, even if it meant uncovered flaws and unevenness, led to a more natural, softer look that I preferred.  

Well I'm 29 now, and while not exactly an old maid, I've noticed a few more imperfections recently.  After hearing over and over about the benefits of BB cream: its all-in-one functionality as a foundation, concealer, serum, sunscreen and moisturizer, I took a chance on Dr. Jart's version and will not be going back on it.  It's lightweight and blends easily, but the real benefit is how much longer my make-up lasts, stays in place and looks fresh throughout the day with a BB cream base, not to mention that I really should have added a daily SPF on my face years ago.   

If this cream is a bit too rich for your blood (I know I'm very choosy about what cosmetics I consider "worth" going upscale on), Tristan of Besotted Blog has raved about L'oreal's BB Magic Cream, at a far more friendly price.
xo. di.

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*I received nothing for this post; these are just my opinions and experiences, and I'd be happy to answer any questions you have about the product.

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