Wednesday, February 22, 2012

warby parker.

let's talk men's fashion today, shall we?  an oft-ignored topic in the lady blogging world, as alaina pointed out recently.  when c decided he needed new glasses about a month ago, i remembered seeing this great company on a few blogs in the past few months, but the name escaped me.  things i remembered about it: had the same buy a pair, give a pair policy as the fabulous toms, the glasses were way cheaper than most stores, and you could try on a bunch of pairs at home.  after a little searching, i rediscovered warby parker

c chose 5 pairs online that he thought he'd like, and they arrived at our door in this cute little box:

after a few days of trying them on and mulling it over (you have to send back within 5), he made his choice.

pretty snazzy! 

after shipping the samples all back, c had his new glasses in just about a week.  for $95 no less!  you could say we're fans.

xo. di.

*images by me
*definitely received nothing for this post.  just want to share the fabulousness!


  1. This is a great website- thanks for sharing! Funny enough, my C also needs new glasses (also, he has red hair and a penchant for bowties- hah!)

  2. erin - that is cracking me up! guess the only thing left to do is have your c order his new pair from warby and they'll practically be twins ;)

  3. Favorite post of all time! :) LOVE!

  4. LOVE! Don't you just love the home try-on!?!? It's seriously so much fun! Love his selection...

  5. lol tracy

    jill - yes, what a great, unique experience


thanks so much for the note! i love reading your comments. xo. di.

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