Tuesday, February 21, 2012

an outfit post.

whatttt?  yes, my first official outfit post here on a spot of whimsy.  the inspiration for the outfit and thus the post came a few weeks ago when i tweeted that i was debating a cropped leather jacket at h&m and feared i couldn't pull it off.  with a little encouragement from jill and sarah and a bit of a whim, i bought the jacket, knowing i'd have to go home and put outfits together i actually felt comfortable wearing out of the house before i could justify it.

the problem is that i generally run pretty preppy/classic in the style department, i'm cautious in picking up trends and when i buy something the goal is always to have it for years.  i still have some pieces from high school, for crying out loud.  so a cropped leather jacket is a major departure from the norm, as silly as that might sound.  but i was still drawn to it, and i really liked sarah's idea to pair it with a girly dress to balance out the look.

of course, i turned to pinterest for inspiration, and it offered up the goods: 


side note: am in love with that oscar de la renta sjp is wearing above.  i just want to twirl around and around in that skirt. 

anyway, last saturday, i had plans to attend the chicago premiere of the joffrey ballet's new documentary, joffrey: mavericks of dance, followed by some wine at bin 36 with 2 bestiesa great night out in a great city, and a great opportunity for the debut of the jacket (now i'm just being melodramatic).  so, here's what i put together (and try to ignore the camera - c was out of town for the weekend so i had to get creative, as well as the mess behind me from the explosion that is c's closet as he gave himself about 15 minutes to pack for his trip):   

jacket: h&m (similar); dress: h&m winter 2011; necklaces: ann taylor & ann taylor loft, years ago; shoes: toms; tights: commando.

xo. di.

*all images belong to me except as sourced above


  1. Ohh so fun! You look gorgeous, love the outfit!

  2. Your outfit is pure perfection with those Toms! Love it! I am not brave enough to do an outfit post ever!!!

  3. Cute, cute, cute! I love a good juxtaposition of leather and girly :)

  4. Love your first outfit!

  5. Ahh, you look so cute! Love the dress, and adore the jacket!

  6. wow, thank you ALL so much for the positive feedback on this post. it means so much to me. my readers are the best xoxo


thanks so much for the note! i love reading your comments. xo. di.

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