Monday, July 11, 2011

much love monday.

i like to use monday as a way to reflect on the previous week, to start anew, and to send a little love into the world.  won't you join me?    

today i am grateful for:

first weekend at home in a month.  lots to catch up on and enjoy in chicago! 

pictures worth a thousand words:

{flowers from the farmers' market}
{racing against the clock to finish this scarf before the final hp movie comes out this friday}
{more market flowers + a new little friend from west elm}
{a trip to greer yielded this card of my new favorite quote, which has already been framed and given a place in my apt}

this week's blog love:
here's to another grateful and love-filled week.  

xo. di.   
*images by me


  1. sounds like a beautiful weekend! i love your scarf!

  2. I just finished an HP scarf about 3 days ago! Great minds think alike! haha

  3. lol i love that you're knitting a gryffindor scarf. thanks for the link, lady!


  4. thanks, andrea marie!

    susan, that's so funny - i should have started a week earlier i am in a time crunch now!

    lol thanks, ash!


thanks so much for the note! i love reading your comments. xo. di.

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