Thursday, January 13, 2011

thoughtful thursdays.

is this a new series on the blog?  sure, why not!  it may not be every thursday (in fact it won't, i don't want every day to be a predetermined series!), but that's kinda the point.  i'd like to write these thoughtful posts when i'm feeling, um, thoughtful.  like today. 

first things first: i'm using photographs from the adorable sarah tucker's etsy shop as the eye candy in this post.  want more beautiful photos and a very sweet love story (with a side effect of acute jealousy due to all the amazing places she's been)?  then be sure to check out her blog, fairy tales come true.

so, since i started some reorganization projects last weekend and have made a to-do list of others to be done throughout the winter (hopefully sooner rather than later), i've been thinking about clutter.  physical and mental clutter. 

because i'm a person who, when i have stuff everywhere, can't seem to concentrate on anything but that. 

so i become weighed down by it all.  i wonder how i got all this stuff.  why do i have it?  do i need it?  and how can i arrange it in a way that does not leave me exasperated every time i look at it?  

this last question became the basis of the projects that i have now taken on.  the reason for my trips to ikea and target last weekend.  because i not only have too much stuff, but the stuff i do want is sometimes hard to access.  i'm thinking this can be applied to both the physical and the mental clutter. 

the top shelf of my closet scares me.  like if i move one little thing everything might come toppling down.  because it might.  i need to fix this.  

so for the next few weekends, while it's bitter cold outside, i'll be inside, throwing away, recycling, charity-ing (i made a new word!), ebay-ing (someone else probably made that one up already) and then arranging and rearranging.  until i have a space that isn't packed to the gills.   

because i need room to grow.  again, physically and mentally.  if i want to start a new project, i want to have the space to store it.  if i am inspired to .... write ... read ... create ... blog ... etc ... i don't want to be lost in that mess of stuff rather than in whatever got me inspired.  

i don't have a lot of storage space in my apartment, but the closets aren't exactly tiny either.  i just have too many things.  i keep things i don't use and am really good at thinking up ways i could use a particular item in the future.  i'm starting to see a good metaphor in there for how to [not] live one's life.  

see, this thinking thing pays off!  and thanks for following me through it.

xo. di.

*all images via sgm tucker photography    


  1. Thank you sooo much for sharing my pictures on your blog!! You are so sweet!!

    I also feel weighed down by things!! I love cleaning out. it is good for the soul! you might be surprised to know that my closet is actually pretty bleak. i ebay mostly everything! Even still with other things I think, WHY do I have this much stuff? I feel like I'm forever purging.
    Good luck cleaning out all the clutter!
    I'd love to see what you got at ikea and target to help organize!

  2. I definitely agree! I spend December and the beginning of January cleaning out closets and getting rid of TONS of stuff. Then I organized what was left and it feels AMAZING! I particularly love the advice from "The Happiness Project" of keeping one shelf or area in your closets, etc. open. Not only does it look and feel open and fresh and inviting, but then like you mentioned... it leaves room for new projects and opportunities!

  3. my dear sarah, you are more then welcome! they are clearly stunning. i need to start getting intense about the ebaying thing. why not make a little money off the decluttering?! ;)

    jill, that's a great point about the open shelf. i'd forgotten that tip from the book and i love it. there is definitely a mental openness when you physically SEE an open space.

  4. Word! I am constantly reevaluating what I have in my home and whether I truly need it or not. I am definitely a believer in feng shui and believe that a cluttered home yields a cluttered mind. Have fun purging!

  5. going to a closet RIGHT NOW !! :)


thanks so much for the note! i love reading your comments. xo. di.

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