Wednesday, January 5, 2011

get reading.

one of my favorite activities that fell by the wayside during the holidays - and thus has been picked back up with vigor this week - is reading a good book.  you don't have to tell me twice to get back in your book, the title of the very creative series of photographs below.  

can you guess which book each picture represents?  answers at the bottom of the post!

are you reading anything good right now?  i have been convinced to read the hunger games trilogy by suzanne collins, which may not be the most taxing books of all time (i think they are actually young adult?!), but they have my nose stuck in a book again, and that makes me happy.  

xo. di.
(1) alice in wonderland
(2) beauty and the beast
(3) peter pan
(4) harry potter
(5) sleeping beauty 

*images via lissy elle's flickr stream, found via the girl who stole the eiffel tower


  1. love this series. and i'm with you on the return to reading!

  2. I am in complete agreement... reading is one of my absolute favorite things :)

  3. Someone told me about tha hunger games.... they sound violent and crude... good luck!

  4. I love that photo series! One of my favorite things on Flickr. I'm reading Never Let Me Go by Kazou Ishiguro, though I've not had much reading time at all this week so I haven't had the chance to sit and get into it yet. Hopefully soon!

  5. this is a brilliant post, I love the photos! I've been meaning to get back into reading as well! I only read a couple of books a year and they are generally crappy devil wears prada esque ones so need to get back to reading! :)

  6. love the enthusiasm over here!

    tracy - the premise of the hunger games does indeed sound violent and crude on first blush, i'll give you that, but don't dismiss it so quickly! it's an excellent, eye-opening and suspenseful trilogy. i finished all 3 in a week, lol!


thanks so much for the note! i love reading your comments. xo. di.

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