Friday, December 17, 2010

things i heart: my absolute favorite christmas movie.

"things i heart" is my friday series on the blog.  hope you enjoy!

first, a quick apology for the late post today!  we were at the hospital a LOT longer than anticipated yesterday (but everything went well!), and between taking care of the patient and, ya know, sleeping, i couldn't get back to the blog until now.  SO my absolute favorite christmas movie is the little-known holiday inn (1942).  good ol' bing crosby is the owner of an inn open on holidays only, so while yes, you do go through an entire year of holidays, christmas starts and ends the movie and (naturally) that's where most of the action happens! 

a little bit of trivia for you: most people assume the song white christmas first appeared in - you guessed it - the film white christmas starring bing and danny kaye.  in fact, the song was written for holiday inn, and irving berlin won an oscar for the song that year.

we always watch this movie as a family after thanksgiving dinner, and then again closer to christmas.  2 years ago the movie was colorized for the very first time.  we had always loved guessing at what colors the costumes really were, but we actually didn't guess them all correctly!  we still prefer our conclusions though (hehe), and sometimes we still watch it in black & white, since that's the version we cherish. 

i invite you to rent this one this christmas, you may just add it to your favorites too!

"may your days be merry and bright.  
and may all your christmases be white."
-white christmas

xo. di.


  1. To this day my sister despises Fred Astaire and all of his movies because of the way he treated Bing in Holiday Inn.

  2. I love this movie too!! But...what

  3. My family has a similar tradition with the movie White Christmas :) Love the costumes, songs, dancing... Holiday Inn is a good one too!

  4. Turner classics are the best! love old black and white movies. and bing is the bomb

  5. I saw White Christmas and Holiday Inn last year for the first time - shocking, I know! - and loved them both. I love Fred and Bing, so it was fun to see them together. And Fred never fails to give an amazing and creative tap dance routine in all of his films. There's nothing so lovely as classic films during the holidays. One of my all-time favorites is The Bishop's Wife with Cary Grant (Whitney Houston's The Preacher's Wife was based on it). I also love Christmas in Connecticut with Barbara Stanwyck, it's lighthearted and hilarious.

    P.S. I've missed you and your blog! I'm sorry I haven't had the time for reading/commenting lately! My favorite season, but time always seems to get away from me.

  6. I haven't seen Holiday Inn. I'll have to though, since White Christmas is one of my favorites.

    Happy Weekend!! :)

  7. ok so i am seriously loving how many people have either already seen holiday inn or are now thinking about it!

    lauren - that is hysterical. your sister is awesome.

    diane - nothing to worry about, c's on the mend!

    melissa - love white christmas too, but holiday inn gets the slight edge in my book!

    tucker - amen!

    diana - thanks!

    casee marie - i've missed you too! not to worry, commenting and careful blog reading have taken serious hits this month for me too! too funny: christmas in connecticut was on this weekend so we watched it! my dad thinks it was released by a rival studio to compete with "holiday inn." and my aunt always loved the bishop's wife but i've never seen, i think i need to!

    teaching in heels - go for it!


thanks so much for the note! i love reading your comments. xo. di.

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