Tuesday, November 16, 2010

holiday guide: cards

leading up to that most special of days - christmas, of course! - i thought i'd share ideas i find for gifts, wrapping, decorations, and all of the little details involved in making a wonderful holiday season.

this year, i made a promise to myself to buy approximately half of my gifts from either etsy or other independent sellers, with a focus on handmade items.  i see so many amazing small businesses out there in the blog world, and i feel an urge to support them as much as possible.  

since they require some lead time, i've decided to start my 2010 holiday guide by rounding up some of the lovely cards out there.  do a lot of you send christmas cards?  since sending and receiving snail mail brings me a lot of joy, i've been sending cards to friends and family since high school.  and i love picking my cards out each year. 

 {ash & anchor, 8 for $16}

{afavorite, 6 for $14}

 {greer chicago, 6 for $13}

 {in haus press, 5 for $8}

 {jack and ella paper, 20 for $20}

 {merry blues art, 6 for $3}

 {rifle paper co., 8 for $16}

{star shaped press, 5 for $12}

xo. di.

p.s. for other great card ideas, see poppytalk's holiday card guides
*"buy handmade" image via making this home


  1. Love these!! & i'm trying to buy as many hand made items as i can this christmas.

  2. I love them all! How is one to choose?!


  3. Diane, these are awesome!! I was just beginning my etsy search and after this post I feel like I don't need to look any further. Love all the cards at Greer and that one with the skyline is so cute! Now I can't decide which to buy. I think I need to expand my mail to list just so I can buy lots!

  4. i am most happy to help! although i agree, it is VERY hard to choose!

  5. Buying completely from Etsy is such a marvelous idea! My sister's birthday is in the beginning of December and I just bought her a darling pair of earrings from a friend's new shop, Cinderbellas. (Another blogger I know just started a shop as well, Holly Knitlightly. Just in case you're looking for more stores to browse, haha.) I'm certainly going to check out the links you shared!

  6. what a great idea! wish i had thought of it before i indulged at papyrus. i really wanted to buy recycled paper cards, but there weren't many (cute) options.
    i just commissioned an etsy designer to make me a knitted scarf and it was such a pleasure working with her and the scarf is GORGEOUS.

  7. ooo thanks for the new store ideas, casee marie! i always want to hear about new etsy sellers!

    ash, i'm sorry i wasn't fast enough for you! i agree, every time i work with someone on etsy it's the nicest experience.


thanks so much for the note! i love reading your comments. xo. di.

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