Friday, August 6, 2010

things i heart: pinterest

announcement!  new series ahead, lovely readers: i am going to try to post a new "things i heart" every friday.  but don't hate me if it ends up being whenever i stumble upon something i heart instead :) 

so, without further ado, i bring you the first thing i heart. . . pinterest!  a new website where you can collect and keep track of all the awesome images you find on the interwebs, while also sharing them with others and having others share right back.  

here's how it works...

once you add the little "Pin It" bookmark to your web browser, it is so incredibly easy to pin any image on any website.  i'm hoping this cuts down on the lists and lists of links i save to refer back to when needed (although who am i kidding, those will probably still happen too!).

i just started using pinterest a few weeks ago, so my "boards" (that's how you organize the images) are still pretty sparse, but i took a bunch of screencaps to show you how it all looks:

my boards, as they now stand (told ya i was new at this!)

 the board with by far the most pins: my sister's wedding inspiration images

 more images for wedding inspiration (can you tell i'm really excited to help her plan?!)

 when you click on an image a screen like the above comes up.  it shows who has pinned it and the source of the image, which is probably the best feature of pinterest.  i'm forever getting frustrated when i forget to write down a source! 

 a sampling of the boards i follow

i'm pretty sure i could waste hours looking through other people's boards.  in fact, that's how i found all the images i used for yesterday's post!

what's also nifty is that you can "repin" images to your own boards, so you'll never lose the images you really love!  

happy pinning!  and ps you can find me at
xo. di.  

*all images from my personal collection



  1. Hey Diane,

    Thanks for the lovely writeup. I'm glad you're enjoying pinterest - you have some beautiful boards going. If you ever need some more invites, or if you have ideas for making it better, feel free to get in touch! ben - at - pinterest - dot - com.

  2. So in love with the sisters wedding inspiration, looove that you are here to help on the web since I am not as savy!!! :) Cant wait to see all you are finding!! I have a few fun ideas coming to me slowly!


thanks so much for the note! i love reading your comments. xo. di.

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