Thursday, July 8, 2010


little known fact about michigan: the state actually produces some awesome wines.  on that same trip i mentioned yesterday, we also spent a day and half touring old mission peninsula, which boasts a whole bunch of beautiful (and yummy!) vineyards.

our first stop?  2 lads winery

followed by chateau chantal

then on to bowers harbor vineyards

and we finished the day at chateau grand traversei might have put the camera away at that point so i didn't accidentally drop it post-tastings, hehe.

now if you ever make it up to old mission, make sure to stop in the jolly pumpkin, a brewery and restaurant on the peninsula (although i realize you may not need another alcoholic beverage at that point!).  it's just an awesome little spot, on the grounds of the bowers harbor inn, which is HAUNTED for reals.  
and that concludes this edition of diane's michigan tourism ads.  don't worry, i work pro bono ;)

xo. di.
*map, all other images from my personal collection


  1. Great pictures Diane! I love all those vineyards too. It's so fun to make your way up the peninsula stopping at all of them along the way for a taste. I love the building that 2 Lads is in.

  2. top 10 ways to spend a day in michigan, i'd say! and i agree, 2 lads has such a lovely spot.


thanks so much for the note! i love reading your comments. xo. di.

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