Thursday, April 22, 2010

yes, i see you too. you're standing right in front of me.

"i sure am glad computer technology has gotten sophisticated enough that james cameron could make his $230 million 3D IMAX movie about rejecting technology!  i think i understand: technology bad, nature good!" -  avatar: the abridged script

avatar (f/k/a dances with wolves + pocahontas + ferngully in space) comes out on dvd today.  {this is me not buying it.} 

 from this year's college humor's "honest movie posters" collection

and look! it comes out on earth day!  that jimmy cameron, he's such a cool guy, changing the world one bazillion-dollar-movie-with-an-unoriginal-plot-line at a time.  

i've never made fun of a movie i technically liked more than avatar.  it's just too easy.  read my favorite avatar review here and tell me you don't agree with him. 

and just because:

happy erff day, lovely readers!  go out and enjoy it before they discover unobtanium under your tree of souls. 

xo. di.

*image 1, image 2,

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