Wednesday, April 21, 2010

uhh earth to the working girls.

meekus: it's like ex-squeeze me, but have you ever heard of styling gel?
brint: i'm sure hansel's heard of styling gel, he's a male model.
meekus: uhh, earth to brint, i was making a joke.  
brint: uhh, earth to minkus, duh, okay i knew that!
meekus: uhh, earth to brint, i'm not so sure you did cuz you were all 'well i'm sure he's heard of styling gel' like you didn't know it was a joke.  
brint: i knew it was a joke, meekus, i just didn't get it right away.
meekus: earth to brint...
derek: would you guys stop it already?!

 the male models of zoolander: brint, rufus, and meekus

wait.  what was my point?  oh, yes.  ladies, when you buy a new skirt/jacket/dress this spring, check the back to see if there is stitching that needs to be removed before wearing.  you know what i mean, those loose stitches, usually in a criss-cross pattern, that are only there to keep the item neat/easy to ship and store?!  

 set those pleats free!!

yes, please cut those threads before walking around the loop like a fool.  it'll also be easier to sit down, i promise. 

that's all.... (in my best miranda priestly voice)

xo. di.

ps looks like this is also a problem in d.c.!

*image 1 & 2 from; image 3 from my personal collection


thanks so much for the note! i love reading your comments. xo. di.

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