Friday, October 31, 2014

October Eves.

Happy Halloween!  

2 posts in one week?!  I can't believe it either!  But I thought my favorite holiday warranted sharing a few pictures from our rehearsal dinner, way back on October 3, where we let our love of Halloween shine through :) 

A few little details worth mentioning:

The gold leaves on the table (spray-painted lovingly by my dad) were collected last October from the 3 places we call home: Connecticut (Conor); Michigan (Me); and Chicago (both of us together).  They were pressed in books all around my parents' house for almost a year, then mixed together on each of the tables (symbolism!).

My sister made all of the flower arrangements herself.  Isn't she talented?  We actually picked up the flowers from Trader Joe's, shhh don't tell!

Speaking of my sis, I extended the something borrowed to the night before: I wore the same dress that she wore at her rehearsal dinner.  The high school versions of ourselves cannot believe we're voluntarily sharing clothes!

The bulletin board of pictures combined childhood pictures of both of us dressed up for Halloween, as well as our recent years dressing up together.  This was SO much fun to put together (and a big thank you to my mom and mother-in-law for supplying so many great ones!).

"Shadows of a thousand years rise again unseen, 
voices whisper in the trees, 'tonight is Halloween!'"
- Dexter Kozen

xo. di.

*images property of Diane Crary; sorry they're all a little dark - good photography was not my first priority that night!

P.S. Thank you to Cindy for the bride & groom skeleton snow globe, and Car for the first picture!

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