Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Make | With Darby Smart.

I contacted the wonderful and new(ish) company Darby Smartan online community of craft and DIY projects, a few months ago to learn more about their DIY kits, as I was super interested for myself, but also thought my readers would love to know more about their projects.  I was so pleased with this great start-up's response, and now here I am sharing my first Darby Smart project!

After subscribing to Darby Smart's newsletter for a few months, I finally made a move and purchased my favorite project, the Mini Magnetic Terrariums.  Darby Smart launches new, simple DIY projects (that you can tell have been painstakingly put together) almost daily, based on the latest trends in home design and fashion.   There's nothing better than having all of the materials for a project at your fingertips at once.  

{So true}

My kit did a great job of laying out the supplies included, instructions on how to actually make them, and pictures for inspiration.

 {Finished products!}
{Kindly ignore my ugly apartment-living refrigerator!}

An Update!  Darby Smart has been kind enough to offer my readers $10 off their first purchase of $19 or more with code CRAFTLOVE10.

xo. di.

*images property of Diane Crary
*Darby Smart provided me with a 50% off discount for any DIY kit of my choosing.  I held off until I found the right one.  This was so fun and I get to look at the result every time I go to the fridge!

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