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5 Questions With | Morning Kawa.

Welcome back to my newest series: 5 Questions With, a way to introduce you to my favorite bloggers who may not be on your radar yet - but should be :) 

Please Welcome Today: Jackie of Morning Kawa.

(1) Tell us about Morning Kawa and why you began the blog

I first began Morning Kawa as a way to share my experience of moving to Poland with my friends and family living in America. Yes, you read that right - my husband and I now live in Wroclaw, Poland - technically pronounced ‘Vraughts-suave’ ... umm say what?! To say it’s been an adventure would be an understatement. Anyways, my husband was offered a job opportunity this past summer and we just couldn’t turn down a chance to live in Europe for a few years. Unfortunately, this move also meant leaving my career in marketing behind. And when we first moved here, I had a lot of time on my hands.

Like, a lot of time.

So I started Morning Kawa as a way to pass the time while staying connected. However, after only a few posts, I found that I actually LOVED blogging - the community, the photography, the advice, really everything about it - and I knew I wanted to share Morning Kawa with more people than our parents - don’t get me wrong, I have nothing but love for my number one visitors! I then decided to use my extra time to really put my marketing knowledge to the test and work to develop Morning Kawa into what it has become today: a place to find inspiration from my everyday life for vacation destinations, 'Pinspired' DIY projects and decor details.

(2) You're heading into your first holiday season in Poland, tell us a little bit 
about the Polish Christmas traditions you've learned about so far 
(and if you're looking forward to any in particular!).

I am very excited to be here in Poland during the holiday season! In fact, there is a fabulous Christmas Market that just opened in the Wroclaw Market Square. Shopping there is MY new favorite Polish tradition ;) In all seriousness, Poland is a very Catholic country, so there are a few Christmas traditions that I am starting to learn about that I just love:

In Poland, everyone has a ‘name day’ which is actually more popular than a birthday. A name day celebrates the birth of the saint he/she is named after. The birth of St. Nicholas (his name day) is widely celebrated in Poland. This day takes place on December 6th and is actually when children receive presents during the night from St. Nick. I can only hope my husband knows about this tradition!

On Christmas Eve, the whole family gathers and waits for the appearance of the first star. Once spotted, the feast begins (but no red meat and no alcohol on Christmas).

Lastly, my personal favorite tradition: It is strongly believed that whatever occurs during Christmas Eve predicts how the new year will unfold. Any arguments should be resolved before Christmas Eve, otherwise it is said to symbolize a year full of feuds. So do like the Poles and just ‘let it go’ to bring on a truly happy new year!

(3) Fill in the blank: "One thing Morning Kawa readers don't know about me is _____"

My first job was in NYC planning events that had guest lists complete with Oscar de la Renta, Vera Wang, Anna Wintour, Josie Natori, Carolina Herrera and even Bill Clinton. This job is what began my obsession with design and events… however, when I wanted to replicate ideas used at these galas for my own parties, I was on a bit of a smaller budget (aren’t we all!?) so I had to learn how to ‘DIY it’ and that’s how I started my venture into the world of crafts. I owe a lot to NYC - and it owes me quite a bit, too. ;)

(4) Three material possessions you cannot live without

1. My coffee pot. I honestly could not live without my morning coffee - and actually, that is what my blog is named after. Did you know Kawa (pronounced kaVa) is actually Polish for coffee? Well now you do. Go surprise your friends with how smart you are ;)

2. My hot glue gun. A weird thing to not be able to live without, I know. But there is so much you can do with a hot glue gun! While living in Poland, I sometimes have a hard enough time finding ‘easy to find’ supplies (for example, I once couldn’t find floral tape so I had to settle for green electrical tape). As I venture into new DIY projects, it is nice to know that I have one tried and true DIY material at my fingertips: my hot glue gun. Ahh, the comforts of home.

3. Comfortable shoes. Ok, I know you are asking, “How old is she?” I promise, I am not that old. You try to walk on cobblestone all day - it’s painful! And when my husband and I travel to new cities, all we do is explore (see also: ‘walk all day’). Uncomfortable shoes is just not an option for me. I give so much credit to the Polish women here; they rock the 5 inch stilettos rain or shine with no complaints. I, however, could NOT live without my flats. Call me what you like, but they’re my lifesaver.

(5) Lightning Round

- Favorite Disney Movie? Mary Poppins.
- Dawson or Pacey? Pacey.
- Favorite Literary Heroine? Hermione Granger from Harry Potter
- Red or White Wine? Neither, I choose beer! (My dad is from England; what can I say?!)
- Favorite Dessert? My mom’s poached pears served with vanilla ice cream. A beautiful and delicious dessert.
- Salty or Sweet? Salty. (My favorite snack: Ruffles potato chips dipped in cottage cheese. Don’t knock it ‘til you try it.)

Tell us where we can find you on social media: 

Morning Kawa Instagram | Pinterest

Thanks, Jackie!  Looking forward to reading about more of your adventures!  
If you'd like to be a part of the 5 Questions With series, send me an email at

xo. di.

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