Thursday, October 3, 2013

Organize | Beauty Samples.

If you're a Birchbox member like me, or have ever ordered from Philosophy or Sephora (so - pretty much everybody?), you probably have beauty samples stashed everywhere, in random baskets and drawers in closets and cabinets.  Whenever I get a new Birchbox in the mail, I pull out the items I know I'll use right away, and then toss the rest into 3 baskets I have for beauty products in a hallway closet.  

The problem with that?  I forget what I have in there, and even when I know I have something I want to use, I can't ever seem to find it when I need it.  

But no more!  It may not be the prettiest organization project I've ever done, but it sure is useful: I dumped out each of those baskets, and used Ziploc bags to breakdown the samples by categories:  Hair, Face, Make-Up, Nails, Body, etc.  

Now when I'm looking for something specific, I can go right to the correct bag and I know I'll find it in there.  

xo. di.

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