Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Wedding | Fairy Tale Forest.

Say you gave me $10 million [reportedly] and told me I could only use it for my wedding.  I have a feeling the end result would look a lot like Sean Parker's recent nuptials to Alexandra Lenas: in a forest transformed into something the Lord of the Ring elves would call home (seriously, they probably looked at Peter Jackson's set designs), with all guests clad in custom-fitted costumes designed by Ngila Dickson, the Oscar-winning costume designer from Lord of the Rings, they made a fairy tale come to life.  And did I mention Sting serenaded them during the reception?

In case Sean Parker's name isn't ringing a bell, he was infamously (and inaccurately, according to the real deal) portrayed by Justin Timberlake in The Social Network.  For the co-creator of Napster, one of Facebook's first big supporters (after those Winklevoss twins and the kid who is now Spiderman), and the guy who told Zuckerberg to drop "the" from "The Facebook," as you might imagine, "lavish" is an inadequate term :)  

See the rest of Vanity Fair's coverage of the wedding here, and read about the details here.

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*images via Vanity Fair

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