Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Netflix Gems | Bachelorette.

Notwithstanding the constantly growing catalog of available content on Netflix Instant, I know there are a lot of people out there who feel like they can’t find anything to watch.   With this periodic series – Netflix Gems – I aim to introduce you to movies, tv shows and documentaries you may not know are hiding in there.  While Netflix is still lagging behind where I think it should be on new releases and current seasons of television, there’s a whole bunch of awesome there as well, so let's talk about it right here.

Alright, this pick was at least partially inspired by my recent engagement, but it was already on my list and I just watched it a few weeks ago, so perfect timing really :)  

So Bachelorette (2012): it's a dark little indie comedy with a great cast: Isla Fisher, Lizzy Kaplan and Kirsten Dunst play bridesmaids to Rebel Wilson's bride (though don't expect Pitch Perfect's Rebel, she mostly plays the straight man here).  They're high school friends who each have their own set of deep-seeded issues.  James Marsden and Adam Scott play groomsmen and were part of the same clique back in high school (though of course they all hate each other now!).  The movie takes place over one night, after one of those implausible decisions to have the bachelor and bachelorette parties the day before the wedding.  

The main 3 ladies are alternately biting, witty, funny, not entirely likable, and rather sad.  And be warned: the movie is fairly vulgar in places.  Of course, it can also be laugh out loud funny.  That's all really par for the course for an indie comedy!    

 {If you thought Rebel Alley was a little insane, Isla Fisher here is...beyond}
{If you watched Party Down, this pairing (and Adam Scott's presence in general) should make you very happy}
{Thems be some mean b*tches}


xo. di.

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  1. Hi Diane! Congrats on your recent engagement! I've been reading your blog for a long time now, and I love this series! I feel like even with netflix, tivo, and a million and one channels sometimes there is literally NOTHING to watch. Sad, I know. I'm definitely adding this movie to my girls night in queue! Wondering if you have started watching the netflix original Orange is the New Black? There's only been one season so far (but it's been picked up for a second) but it is soooo good. My bf and I can't stop watching it. It's definitely a little graphic (it's about an all women's prison with lots of subplots) and sad but also so funny and well written. Would love to know if you've seen it or hear your take on it!


  2. Kristen! Thanks so much for the comment and for reading. I'm so glad you like this series (it's fun for me too!). Funny you mention Orange - that is totally my next pick, I just wanted to get further into the season before posting about it (so I had an informed opinion!). I just hit the halfway point last night (and I LOVE it too), so look for that next week :)


thanks so much for the note! i love reading your comments. xo. di.

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