Friday, June 28, 2013

Summer Friday | Healthy Living.

It is just so much easier for us in the Midwest to eat fresh (not to mention local) in the summer months.  I don't even envy California's sunshine (OK, I do); I envy their year-round bounty of produce.  I've been really good about exercising over the last few months, but my food intake hasn't matched that dedication.  Here say I: I'm recommitting.  Must take advantage of farmers' markets and low produce prices while I can!

So what are you up to on this last weekend of June?!  I think I need to get a little sun on my skin before the 4th next weekend.  My alabaster complexion is officially pathetic.  Mostly, I just need a big ol' 48-hour break from work, which has left me at my wit's end this week!

Oh and don't forget: Google Reader is going bye bye.  I hope you will join me on Feedly here, subscribe via email (see box in top right corner!), try out Blog Lovin' (I never have - any users out there?), or just visit plain old  See you Monday!

Have a wonderful weekend.

xo. di.

*image property of Diane Crary

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