Thursday, June 6, 2013

Party | A Feast of Thrones.

So this past Sunday's Game of Thrones was pretty intense, yes?  I'm still not over it, and I read the dang book over 2 years ago now!  We had a couple of fellow book readers over for the big event (we didn't want to torture any newbies ala this compilation), and leading up to it, I purchased this cookbook to make ourselves a very authentic feast.  The cookbook was written by two huge fans of the books and show who created the foodie blog Inn at the Crossroads years ago, where they posted recipes inspired by the feasts detailed with loving care by George R.R. Martin.*

*Though some of their recipes remain on the blog, you'll understandably have to purchase the book for most.  

I was most impressed with the cookbook for 2 reasons: (1) for most recipes, there is both a medieval and a modern version (we made a mix of both), which is a really helpful touch; and (2) each recipe begins with the quote from the book where the food was mentioned.   

The recipes are also broken up based on their region of origin.

{Special GoT-related decor, of course!}
{Iced Mulled Wine - Summer is Coming, after all!}
{Aurochs with Roasted Leeks}
{Baked Apples}

If you're a fan, with the finale coming up this Sunday, I'd say you have the perfect excuse to try some GoT-inspired dishes of your own!  Sift through the recipes currently on their website, grab the cookbook, try Tom Colicchio's Lemon Cakes recipe (which I made 2 years ago for the series premiere - they are delish!) or invent your own twists on medieval recipes (think turkey legs, shepherd's pies and mead!).

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*images property of Diane Crary

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