Friday, May 10, 2013

Spring Forward | The Office.

I wish I could hand-deliver the contents of the above photograph this weekend to two special ladies: my sister, to round-out Nurses' Appreciation Week (yay nurses!), and my mom, for Mother's Day of course.  I'm thinking about you both today and every day :)  

Non sequitur: has anyone been watching these last few episodes of The Office?  C and I have slugged through the last couple of Michael Scott-less seasons (the Florida arc, Andy Bernard being the worst, ROBERT CALIFORNIA, oh man what a mess), but last night's hour-long episode AND last week's got me with the Jim & Pam memory lane moments.  Remember when that relationship was like the best thing on TV?  The teapot?  The first Dundies?  Casino Night???  I'm so ready for this show to reach its end, but I'm now actually looking forward to the series finale - and still holding out hope for a Steve Carell cameo.  The Office just isn't The Office without him.   So anyway...    

Have a wonderful weekend.

xo. di.

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  1. I have to agree - The Office lost its mojo after Michael Scott left, and for me the distressed Jim/Pam relationship has been hard to swallow. Last night's montage made me uncharacteristically sentimental! Hoping they resolve Jim/Pam struggles since I don't think they've quite dealt with everything yet.

    PS my first comment on your blog - thanks for the great, relate-able content! Found you as I was planning my wedding last year, stuck around for the whimsy :)

  2. Hi Amye! Thanks so much for the sweet comment, it completely made my day on Friday. And I totally agree that the Jim/Pam issues were terribly handled. There was the hint of a good story in there - addressing real-life marital issues when your partner has an opportunity that will take them away from you, but they somehow made Jim an a**hole and Pam a wet blanket in one swoop! We will probably see some more of that this week, though it was nice to see some of the early season magic back!


thanks so much for the note! i love reading your comments. xo. di.

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