Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Nostalgia is Seductive.

{inspired by The Office's series finale last week, I spent a couple of hours this past weekend sketching, calligraphy-ing and watercoloring the above.  
It's not as great as I'd imagined in my head, but what are ya gonna do!}

Have you ever seen or read an interview with an actor best known for a television role talk about how because he's in our living rooms every week (on tv, I mean!), people seem more likely to approach him and equate him with that character?  That can't go very well for King Joffrey (Jack Gleeson) of Game of Thrones, but I get it.  You grow-up with certain shows, they can inspire or provoke change in you, they make you laugh and cry and feel like you are a part of a world that is built, piece by piece, over years.  And when you think back on them or go back and watch a show all over again, you remember little bits of who you were during that time so powerfully, it's like a rabbit hole of memories.  

Here's a few for me:
  • The Office first, in honor of its recent ending: "Bears. Beets. Battlestar Galactica." "You must be PMS-ing pretty hard right now, huh?"  And of course, "That's what she said."  All substituting for actual conversation for like 2 years.
  • Texting my law school roommate/best friend (who now lives in a different state), "do you think we're really going to meet The Mother tonight?" - and all those times we've discussed Ted Mosby's search for his future wife over the last few years.
  • Throwing a four-course Westerosi feast for Game of Thrones' season 2 premiere.
  • CryingOpenly sobbing at "I got off the plane" sitting next to my college roommate on our awful futon during the FRIENDS series finale the last night of sophomore year.
  • Having friends over to watch Dawson's Creek almost every Wednesday night senior year of high school; Team Pacey!
  • Friday Night Lights.  LOST.  The Vampire Diaries.  Harper's Island.  I could keep going for way too long on this.
One last quote from 9 years of watching The Office, a good summation: "I wish there was a way to know you're in the good ole days when you're in them." -Andy Bernard.  Or as I prefer to look at it: all days are the good ole days; you just don't realize why until they're over. 

xo. di.

*image property of Diane Crary


  1. beautiful art work, Di:))

  2. Wednesday night Dawsons!

  3. your water color and calligraphy is very pretty! And I'm the same way with series. I feel like I'm breaking up with my best friends whenever they end.

  4. very pretty! dawsons creek 100%.... I am re-watching Felicity on Netflix and I think Dawsons Creek needs to be next. Brings back so many old memories. And YES to getting off the plane quote!


  5. "I got off the plane" gave me goosebumps! And my sister and I have a million Dawson's Creek memories. "Hi Amy, it's Mom" can make her tear up in an instant because she had an 8-month-old at the time! I'm rewatching Gilmore Girls and remembering all the Lorelai-inspried outfits I used to have, and how I still wish my town was a cute as Stars Hollow!

  6. SO many! I started a Felicity rewatch a few months ago too. The season 2 haircut, holy smokes!

  7. thanks so much, Jessica! there really is a bit of a mourning period, isn't there?

  8. thanks, Diane - it is flawed, but fun to do.

  9. oh man, Jen's goodbye was just brutal, wasn't it?

    and I so wanted to live in Star's Hollow - I STILL do!

    I have so many emotions wrapped up in old WB shows :)


thanks so much for the note! i love reading your comments. xo. di.

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