Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Wedding | Colored Dresses.

I've been planning a dual bachelorette party (for 2 of my lovely high school bests!) for this upcoming weekend for a couple of months now, so weddings are back on my mind (it's wedding season!).  I have also been collecting images of unorthodox (non-white) wedding dresses for over a year now, because I am so fascinated and impressed with brides who go the very nontraditional route.  I have to say, the black dresses in particular are striking.   

Clockwise from top left: Black 1 | Black 2 | Black 3 

Clockwise from top left: Blue | Pink | Green | RedPolka Dot

So the question is: would you?  could you?

xo. di. 


  1. Actually really love that sparkly green dress.

  2. I am a traditionalist and had a creamy white dress... but all of these are SO lovely! I recently saw on Pinterest a picture of a gal that changed into a super fab red-carpet-worthy black beaded dress for her reception. I think that is the best of both worlds (albeit, expensive) :)


  3. totally agree! It could walk a red carpet.

  4. That is a dream combination, I love the idea - but know my budget (and most people's!) could never support it ;) The idea in general that you'd get to wear a Red Carpet-worthy designer for your wedding dress (Elie Saab? ODLR? Dior? yes, please!) is already a pipe dream, so why not add this too!

    It's like when I was 10 and couldn't understand why my parents kept buying SUVs when I wanted them to get a convertible - because they live in Michigan, and ya know, not so practical, so I declared that when I was older, I'd have a convertible just for summer and a Jeep just for winter. I guess I thought I was going to win the lottery? ;)


thanks so much for the note! i love reading your comments. xo. di.

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