Thursday, April 18, 2013

Make | Restorative Gifts.

As you saw in Monday's post, I co-hosted a double-Bachelorette party for 2 of my high school best friends last weekend at my family's cottage.  While the non-brides knew most of the particular of the weekend beforehand, I held one thing back from all as a surprise: the "relaxation/restorative favors."  

Since our weekend was in northern Michigan in mid-April, we knew the weather would be predictably unpredictable.  So we nicknamed the theme of the weekend The Bachelorette Lounge, in honor of the relaxing, restorative days we'd be having, regardless of the weather outside.  

And a homemade gift at the end to match:  

{tags from Minted; bags from Amazon; filling from random packaging}
{mini candles from Bath & Body Works in a relaxing scent}
{ingredients for Sleep Salve sourced from Whole Foods}

{labels inexpertly designed by yours truly}

{Putting it all together: the candle, the tea bags, the sleep salve}

The sleep salve, featured previously on Design*Sponge, was particularly fun to source and then make one evening last week.  The jars were purchased from Crate & Barrel Outlet (though if I make the recipe again, I think I'd cut the jar size in half, from 4 oz to 2 oz.  That makes it more economical for the creator and more likely you'll get through the jar before the oils lose their potency (after about 8 months or so)).  

xo. di.

*images property of Diane Crary


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