Friday, February 22, 2013

winter beauty: dancing shoes.

We went to see the Joffrey Ballet's winter performance last night (now thru Sunday!), which has reignited my mini-obsession for all things dance.  I haven't taken a class in about 2 years now, and that needs to be fixed.  After training for the half marathon for 3+ months, I have felt super unmotivated about working out.  I've run once in the last month, and find any razor-thin excuse to get out of strength training (my most hated activity).  To counter that, I recently signed up for a package of pilates sessions (surprisingly fun!), and dance classes are now back on my radar.  What do you do to combat exercise fatigue and disinterest?  

And as I mentioned yesterday, I'll be having some friends over on Sunday for the Oscars.  If you'll be hosting or attending a viewing party, here's a few pieces of inspiration:

Oscar Bingo and Ballot via How About Orange
Oscar Ballot via DIY Studio
Oscar Viewing Party Inspiration via The Glitter Guide

Have a wonderful weekend.

xo. di.

*image via Clever Nettle

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