Thursday, January 10, 2013

{be} scared.

My scary thing for yesterday?  I removed Google Friend Connect from the right side of my little blog.  I have been thinking about making that move for awhile myself, and Ashley's confession regarding her decision to remove it last week convinced me it was time to do the same.  

I am incredibly grateful for each of the 404 followers I had at the time I removed the GFC widget, but I needed to stop thinking and wondering about how to grow that number, why I lost 1 or 2 in a week (or a day or a moment), why I haven't had a new one in x number of days, and it goes on and on and on.  It's been far from my main focus, but I've also come to see it as a needless distraction.  So here we are, GFC-less.  I feel...lighter :)  My thanks again to all who not only read this blog, but to those who clicked that "follow" button at some point along the way.

xo. di.

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  1. Amanda || Eclectic SnapshotsJanuary 10, 2013 at 3:48 PM

    It becomes such an obsession doesn't it! I've thought about doing the same and just haven't made the jump...


thanks so much for the note! i love reading your comments. xo. di.

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