Wednesday, October 17, 2012

{diy} Martha's Yarn Pumpkins.

so i have to admit this isn't a perfect step-by-step diy, it's more of a "how i recreated this martha stewart craft that didn't offer a whole lot of guidance, material-wise."  i searched around for the right kind of yarn for quite awhile and was very happy with what i eventually used, considering i had to buy online sight-unseen.

  • styrofoam balls, various sizes (find at any crafts store)
  • orange mohair yarn (i used this)
  • orange wool roving (i used peach and flame)
  • rope (i used this)
  • t-pins (find at any crafts store)

*i purchased 2 balls of flame and one of peach for variety, and after making my 4 i probably still have enough for 2, maybe 3 more small pumpkins.  just need to get back to michael's to pick up some more styrofoam!  speaking of michael's, they did not have wool roving in the one i was in, and i didn't have time to get to a joann's, which is why i turned to online resources, but your local craft store might have some so you can see colors ahead of time.

as for the actual assembly:

*do not be afraid to try wrapping the roving a few times until you're satisfied.  i tried a few different ways (criss-crossing, laying right next to the last wrap, and a combination of the 2) until i liked how it was laying and covering the styrofoam.  trial and error is the way to go.  

*as for the mohair, i can't quite tell from Martha's picture, but i think she wrapped the mohair yarn around the pumpkin again and again and again, covering most of the roving.  i like that look, but i instead decided to go a little simpler, and just use the mohair to create the pumpkin's creases (again, trial and error on this until you've wrapped the mohair so you've created equal sections between each "crease").  when i eventually ran out of the mohair (whoops!), i actually separated out a thin piece of the roving and wrapped that around the 4th little pumpkin instead (see last pic below).

*i had the mohair string begin and end at the top so the "stem" would cover them.  i lifted the t-pin holding the roving in place and slipped the mohair endings underneath to keep them in place.

*instead of using a hot glue gun to attach the rope "stems," i ran another t-pin through them and into the styrofoam.  hot glue can get so messy on materials like these, i was worried it would really gunk up the top of the pumpkins.

the pumpkins were fun to make and only took a couple of hours while watching sunday night tv.  made me feel much more productive ;)  

hope my trial and error gives you a leg up if you decide to create Martha's Homespun Pumpkins.  let me know if you have any questions.    

xo. di.

*images property of Diane Crary


  1. honestly, yours look better! great job!

  2. So crafty and cute! I am not a huge Halloween person, but these are perfect as fall decor.

  3. aw thanks melissa! i have got to do something about your non-love of halloween ;) hehe


thanks so much for the note! i love reading your comments. xo. di.

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