Thursday, August 16, 2012

joey potter.

don't worry, this post has nothing to do with tomkat's "shocking" divorce (though: thank god); this is all about the girl from the other side of the creek.  i've been rewatching dawson's this summer on netflix instant (just hit season 3), and i am loving it.  i thought a rewatch would make the show seem silly, and sure it has a bit, but it has also transported me back to a very specific time in my life with very specific angsty/melodramatic tendencies (dawson's forte).  i realize now how influenced i was by this show and how much i expected my high school experience to be just like it.  and when it wasn't?  well i'd put on the patented joey potter pout/scowl face (spot it below!) and pretended it was.   

other observations:  pacey was the best from minute one.  joshua jackson has too much charisma; it's unnatural.  kruger is a lucky lady.  and since i finished the series (spoiler alert!) very satisfied with the pacey-joey ending, i was surprised to remember just how much i loved him with andie in season 2.  and ya know who was le worst?  dawson.  has there ever been a more annoying and sanctimonious protagonist on a tv show?  gees, he was tedious.  but i can't totally hate on him, because i see pieces of high school diane in there (back to that whole when expectations didn't meet reality thing, ugh).   

but back to joey.  i used to try to copy her varying hairstyles, all of which seemed to include little tendrils/flyaways pulled down around her ears.  this summer, i've been revisiting that well to perfect late 90s results.       

if you also decide on a rewatch, let me warn you right here: paula cole's i don't want to wait has been replaced in the opening credits. something about music licensing rights (lawyers, amirite?!).  the show and the song are so intertwined that it bums me out at the beginning of every episode.  i'll get over it eventually ;) 

i also appreciate this dawson's vs. vampire diaries analysis - if you've watched both shows, you'll really enjoy it. 

were you a dawson's fan? 

xo. di.

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  1. Love(d) these 2 shows and that analysis you linked is so right on!

  2. okay I am freaking out over this post. first of all.... I think you are lying about getting over the "i don't want to wait" - that is just tragic and I fully approve of you not getting over it. I loved this show so so much. dawson was the WORST (I'm sure 10x worse now re-watching), and yes pacey is the best. no wonder the teacher fell for him? I love in the college years michelle williams roommate (and now BFF) busy phillips - she was hilarious. I have been wanting to re-watch Felicity lately bc I feel like that show and dawsons creek were my biggest tv influences. K... Im sure I sound crazy enough now - but this post made my day!

  3. I was too young to closely follow Dawson's Creek when it was on tv back in the day, but I rewatched the series a few years ago and fell in love! I totally agree with you on Joey and Pacey. I absolutely love them together! And I was wondering what happened to the theme song!!
    Silly copyright lawyers...(haha, I actually want to be an intellectual property attorney!)

    Abby xx

  4. Dawson's Creek is in my top 5 favorite shows of all time, and I don't see it getting replaced anytime soon! Plus it introduced me to Wilmington, NC - my absolute favorite vacation spot! I'm partial to the middle of season 3 when Joey and Pacey start liking each other, then through season 4. Dawson was definitely annoying, but as much as Joey in the 'college years.' When I watch those seasons I'm too distracted by her pushing her hair behind her ears every 2 seconds that I can't enjoy the scene!!


thanks so much for the note! i love reading your comments. xo. di.

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