Thursday, July 12, 2012

the talkies.

does anyone else have plans to see singing in the rain tonight for its one-night only return to theaters?  i'm pretty excited, i love seeing before-my-time classics on the big screen to have the experience i missed by being born late in the 20th century ;)  singing is a special one too - i first saw it in 8th grade because it was my best friend's favorite movie, and i was shocked to realize i knew almost all of the songs already, that's how iconic they all became.  and here we are 60 years later, still celebrating it.  sure it's cheesy, but there's also a lot of winking at the audience which i love, and gorgeous 1920s costumes and the dancing - holy talent!  gene kelly and debbie reynolds - national treasures both.  below, my favorite scenes:  

 {good morning, good morning, sunbeams will soon smile through}
{i'm laughing at clouds/so dark up above/the sun's in my heart/and i'm ready for love}
 {moses supposes his toeses are roses/but moses supposes erroneously}
 {he'll kiss her with a sigh/would you?  would you?}
 {no! no! no!/yes! yes! yes!}
 {what a glorious feeling/i'm happy again}
{you're all my lucky charms/i'm lucky in your arms}

anecdote time: when i was very little, an older group of dancers at my studio did a jazz routine to "make em laugh" at our spring recital.  i loved the song, and proceeded to sing it everywhere i went for a good week.  only after several days of this did my mom stop me and ask - sing that part again?  turns out, i'd been saying "make a left, make a left, everyone everyone make a leftttt."  she thought that was hysterical.  my wounded ego?  less so.   

xo. di.

p.s. more on debbie reynolds here

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  1. love singing in the rain! I always watched it over at my grandparent's house. good times.

  2. Cute Debbie. I saw that movie. Happy day. Mary

  3. Love your ancedote! Too funny! My husband has problems with lyrics too and often cracks me up with his wrongness!

  4. love this all-time favorite:))


thanks so much for the note! i love reading your comments. xo. di.

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