Monday, July 30, 2012

much love monday.

i like to use monday as a way to reflect on the previous week, to start anew, and to send a little love into the world.  won't you join me?    

today i am grateful for: 

what a great little whirlwind weekend.  so much good olympics-watching.  and relaxing family time.  and celebrating with old friends on sunday afternoon. 

pictures worth a thousand words:

{pimm's cups for the olympics!}
 {tickets from the seriously cool titanic exhibit at the henry ford - "my" passenger survived!}
 {my present to sis & andy in a jesslc tote}
 {beautiful decor for the couples' shower}
 {more great decor - each location on the flags means something to the couple; we have creative friends}
{i know this looks staged - but it's not ;)}
 {sundae dishes ready for dessert}

this week's blog love:
here's to another grateful and love-filled week.  

xo. di.

*images by diane crary


  1. loved watched the Olympics over the weekend too! i was obsessed haha. Love pimms!
    your weekend looked like perfection :) x

  2. It was fun, wasn't it? so glad to see you:))

  3. Ahh! that's so funny! I just got done looking at Jess LC's shop just now before coming here. So I was thinking that tote looked so familiar! Looks like such a fun celebration! I'm loving all your glasses!


thanks so much for the note! i love reading your comments. xo. di.

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