Thursday, June 14, 2012

white as snow.

charlize theron and kristen stewart for interview magazine; it's all very by the pricking of my thumbs.

they both look stunning and fierce as anything here; yes, i'm even giving props to kstew.  and now for my mini snow white & the huntsman review, which c and i went to see last friday: it was good, not great.  a lot of that unfortunately had to do with my general dislike for kstew and her inability to convey any emotion other than sullen or heartburn sufferer (i speak the truth!).  the romances (yes, plural - could you tell there was a bit of a love triangle coming from the previews?  me either.) were severely underdeveloped and kstew's lack of chemistry with anyone certainly didn't help.  chris hemsworth, on the other hand, was fantastic.  did everything he could with the material (and partner) he was given.  the special effects were quite incredible, as were charlize's make-up, hair and costuming.  i've never seen old age make-up that realistic.  moral of the story: it's a cool movie, with intermittent rolling-of-the-eyes-moments.  definitely a rental, but if you really have a thing for re-imagined fairy tales (lord knows i do, and can't keep away from them no matter how bad!), go have a night at the theater!

what summer movies are you most looking forward to?  my top picks are brave, the amazing spiderman, seeking a friend at the end of the world, and the dark knight rises, and i need to see moonrise kingdom asap.  magic mike also looks HILARIOUSLY ridiculous and man-candy filled (what?  they're the ones in a male stripper movie!).

xo. di.

*images via tom & lorenzo


  1. Oh my goodness, I felt the SAME way about the movie! I was excited about it, even went to see it on opening night. I am so crazy for fairy tales....Super fangirl for Grimm & Once Upon a Time. This movie... it just did not live up to what I imagined.

    But I am looking forward to seeing Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter :-X

  2. Oh wow. Fierce would be the word! Amazing women!


thanks so much for the note! i love reading your comments. xo. di.

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