Tuesday, April 17, 2012

my week with marilyn.

between watching a weekly show swirling around the life of marilyn monroe (smash) and renting my week with marilyn a couple of weeks ago, i have lots of marilyn in my life right now.  she's a woman i don't know that much about - in the world of hollywood idols, i’ve always aspired to be, say, audrey and grace over elizabeth taylor or marilyn.  not that i don’t appreciate the latter two, but i can’t identify with them in the same way (remember mad men's "are you a marilyn or a jackie" playtex bra ad campaign from season 2?  my answer is jackie, no hesitation).  i think i’m too reserved (polite way of saying uptight?!  ha!  don’t answer that).

i’d actually never seen marilyn in a movie until this past weekend.  i spent sunday afternoon doing laundry and watching Gentlemen Prefer Blondes.  and now that i think about it, that title has nothing to do with what was a rather silly movie, not that i  didn’t sort of enjoy it.  marilyn has an interesting charisma on screen.  she draws you in in spite of yourself.  you don’t want to like her character, but you’re not rooting against her either.  i loved how that charisma was portrayed in My Week with Marilyn (btw michelle williams kills it in this role.  superb performance.), and how that contrasts to (if accurate) her behavior off-screen.  i’m still not a marilyn fangirl, but i appreciate the aura around her and her legacy better now.

do you have suggestions for other marilyn movies i ought to see?  Some Like It Hot?  The Seven Year Itch?  i’m willing to continue my marilyn education, just point me in the right direction.

xo. di.

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  1. good for you for being open minded and educating yourself on Marilyn. She surely is a part of our culture, yet to me she is just the epitome of the "blonde" I would never ever want to be, so Ive never had ANY interest in her at all. Jackie on the other hand intrigues me to no end. So... is there a good movie you could recommend on her life? :) Oh and ps on Jackie... I mean, she WAS the mother of THE most dreamy man who ever walked the planet ! (aside from my husband of COURSE !) :)

  2. Okay... first of all smash is so darn incredible it isn't even funny!!!! I just love it. It's been making me want to find out more about her as well. I definitely need to see My Week With Marilyn. I've always aspired to be more audrey and grace as well, and I prefer to use the word reserved for myself as well too haha :) definitely not uptight, right!?!


  3. i love all marilyn monroe movies! :) 'some like it hot' and 'how to marry a millionaire' are both sooo funny. i recently watched 'don't bother to knock' which shows a more serious side of marilyn that i hadn't seen before in her other films. i definitely recommend all three of these movies!

  4. julie - oh well thank you, and i definitely know what you mean about the airhead blonde, that's such a frustrating stereotype. lol john jr!!!

    taylor - haha definitely not uptight ;) glad we're on the same page about all of this!

    amy - thanks for recs!


thanks so much for the note! i love reading your comments. xo. di.

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