Wednesday, February 15, 2012

a perfect day.

or perfect birthday, more specifically, would be to do whatever clemence poésy is doing in these pictures!

guess i'll contend myself with a typical wednesday workday this year.  but that's alright, i did my celebrating last weekend :)  

you know i don't think i've ever seen clemence quite as cheerful.  she's usually in parisian chic mode, which doesn't allow a lot of smiling, but this works just as well for her, i'd say.


xo. di.

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  1. Happy Birthday! Cute pictures :)

  2. Aww, happy birthday, sweets! I'm glad you were able to do your celebrating over the weekend, at least, and I hope your workday Wednesday is as delightful as can be.

    Clemence is adorable in this set - I know what you mean, she's typically a bit more morose and pensive in her editorials. There's one she did for InStyle last year that I'm completely smitten with - this one. So cute.

  3. Happy Birthday! And you are so right about those pictures!!! What fun!

  4. Happy, happy birthday! Those balloons are perfect for a birthday celebration.

  5. happy happy birthday!!! and you are totally right - I don't think I've ever seen her smiley!

  6. thanks for all the lovely bday wishes, ladies! had a great day :)


thanks so much for the note! i love reading your comments. xo. di.

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