Wednesday, January 4, 2012

baubles & bubbles.

i hope 2012 has been treating everyone extremely well so far!  yesterday was back to work for me after a 4 day break and now, back to the blog (which is infinitely more fun!).  taking a blog break last week felt odd - like i was leaving something important out of my day.  but it was also a good way to step back from it, and, as we are wont to do at the end of the year, reflect and resolve.  a bit more on that in a moment, but first, some fun pics of how we all rang in the new year in snowy northern michigan.  i was feeling under the weather and still am, but sheer will power made it a super fun night regardless.

made this.

and these.

wore these.

 {black sparkle toms, gap cardi, j.crew sparkle tank, LOFT necklace}

and these.

{opi blonde date + bring on the bling}

and then we celebrated.

 {brought up my pottery barn light ball from a few years ago}

 {i think mr. moose had fun}

{trac, andy + bella - i swear that first pic is not staged, they're just that obsessed!}

{midnight toast}

{technology!; sisters}

{who needs a refill?!}

and now for the resolutions.  like last year, i'll be working on my 2012 intentions letter (idea c/o jess of makeunder my life) (shout out to diane who picked up the practice last year to great success!) over the next week or so, but i also have one big thing i want to work on in 2012, and i'm putting it here to hold myself accountable.  see, i'm a terrible phone person.  i hate talking on it for whatever reason, and i avoid it at all cost.  and that means even though i miss my family like crazy (yeaaa i know they're only five hours away), and while we email/text multiple times a day, i don't hear their voices even close to often enough.  and so, in 2012, i resolve to call them. much. more. often.  there, i said it.

as for blogging resolutions, i'm still mulling some of that over.  but i think 2012 calls for a facelift.  it also calls for more of my personal pictures (guess who got her first d-slr for christmas and badly needs to take a photography class?!  this girl!!), and more substantive/thoughtful posts.  as i try to find my place in this great big blogging world, i hope to do good by you, dear readers, in 2012. 

xo. di.

*images by me (on the new camera!)


  1. d, your blogs are still inspiring me!! Your photos are always beautiful! I love your personal thoughts and family giggles! Continue the love....

  2. Aw your NYE looks like so much fun. Love your straws! And congrats on an awesome xmas pressy! Can't wait to see the wonders you work with it.

  3. This is a collection of such happy + festive photos! Looks like you had a wonderful end to 2011, and many resolutions to look forward to in 2012!!

  4. I just got black glitter Toms for Christmas... love them! Such a cute party too.

  5. Love the NYE pics! Your drinks looks so similar to the ones we made on NYE, same glasses and everything! Are those cranberries in there too?! Happy 2012 :)

  6. diane - well i'm so glad you think so!

    alex - thanks, it was!!

    liz - haha thanks i tried!

    melissa - am loving mine too! just got em a few weeks ago myself

    kristen - thanks girl! want to try your recipe sometime too

  7. Love all the sparkle!! Happy New Year;)

  8. Great picture of you with your sister and I love your NYE outfit. I also have a weird thing in that I really don't love calling people. Staying in touch with friends and family is a wonderful goal for me as well in 2012! :)

  9. sarah jane - thanks girl!

    glitterista - thanks so much! glad i'm not the only one :)


thanks so much for the note! i love reading your comments. xo. di.

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