Thursday, October 20, 2011

which witch?

a witchy mood board i put together for you today...

10 days til halloween!

xo. di.

p.s. come back later today for something pretty!

*images clockwise from top left 1,2,3,4


  1. ooh i love halloween! when i was little i watched hocus pocus so many times and was obsessed with the witches! :)
    marissa @ the boot

  2. First, I love the name of your blog - so cute! Second, Halloween is my favorite holiday, and this mood board is amazing. Thanks for getting me excited Halloween!


  3. oh cool! i cannot believe it's nearly Halloween...time is flying!

  4. ohhh so glad you girls all liked so much!

    marissa - huge hocus pocus fan, ditto!

    thanks, elise! my favorite too :)

    jaime - can't believe october is almost over either

    jenny - thanks dear!


thanks so much for the note! i love reading your comments. xo. di.

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