Thursday, September 15, 2011

savage beauty.

so.  alexander mcqueen's savage beauty exhibit at the met.  talk to me: who got to see this fabulosity in person?!  i wish.  i actually meant to do this post months ago, so people in ny would be sure to go see it, and yet, here we are, with the exhibit having closed a few weeks ago.  but i still had to talk about it.  and ny fashion week finally got me in gear.  

before we get to the stunning images, let's talk mcqueen right quick.  i was really starting to get in to following designers and their collections around the time of his tragic death in february 2010.  i knew who he was, i knew kinda sorta what he was all about, and i've followed his house's designs since then under creative director sarah burton (ya know, this), but not until studying these photographs of the exhibit did i get just how special mcqueen was.  the man was inspired and inspiring.           

for those of you watching this season's project runway - that avant-garde challenge?!  i just kept repeating "this isn't avant-garde.  this isn't avant-garde," until c told me to pipe down cause he couldn't hear what tim was saying (practically a true story, lol).  all i'm sayin' is bow down, cause the work of the master of avant-garde is displayed above.   

"the world needs fantasy, not reality.  we have enough reality today.” 
- alexander mcqueen

xo.  di.

p.s. i might not have been able to see it in person, but this is already on my christmas wish list!

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  1. This pieces are so amazing! It is hard to believe that they are real. Such works of art!

  2. Where does one even begin?! These images leave me speechless ~ so beautiful!

  3. McQueen was such a visionary. His mind worked in such a different way than ours does, and that's what made his designs so exquisite. There's a bit of whimsy and bit of darkness, but they're all just stunning. He loved women, and not in the way that most do. He knew their bodies and how to make them look beautiful. May he rest in peace.

  4. He's no Tim Gunn, but this is amazing.

  5. I walked through this exhibit dragging my jar on the floor. It gave me goosebumps, absolutely pieces of artwork. It was so crowded and people were pushing, but take that away and it was the feature exhibit i've seen. Alexander McQueen, a legend.

  6. couldn't have said it better myself, friends. a true artist.

    tamra - SO jealous you got to see it!!


thanks so much for the note! i love reading your comments. xo. di.

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