Friday, August 12, 2011

summer fridays: that feeling.

welcome back to my new summer fridays series, where we discuss some favorite things about this time of year.

it's almost mid-august and that means i'm hitting the imaginary panic button because i'm NOT READY for summer to be over.  i am in love with fall, but i need to soak up my fair share of summer first, and i'm just not there yet.  so today's post is a collection of images that give me that feeling of summer.  in the hopes that it will linger for awhile longer. 

the good news is i have much to look forward to in the coming weeks: out-of-town weddings, trips to the lake house in northern michigan (including this weekend!), pool time at c's parents house in connecticut, and even a weekend actually spent in chicago, lol.
so what are your plans for the dog days of summer?
happy weekend!
xo. di. 
p.s. the it list will return next week!
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  1. I am coming to terms with the end of summer, but there are definitely some quintessential summer things I need to do. I STILL have not been to a beach or pool (pathetic, but I live in NYC so understandable), and I'd love to go boating. I'm just waiting for someone (anyone?) to invite me on their boat...

  2. Have so much fun this weekend! As far as I'm concerned, we still have another month of summer :)

  3. I am also not ready for summer to be over! I'm going on vacation on Sunday and then it's back to school the day after I come home!
    Ahhh crazy.

  4. While I am ready for summer to be over, this makes summer not seem so bad!!!!

  5. I love these breezy summer images. I totally agree, I can't think about jeans and boots and sweatshirts just yet. I need to spend as much time as I can in a bathing suit and sundresses. Have a wonderful time in Michigan {I'll be up there too!}, happy weekend.

  6. Loving all these images! The just elude the romanticism of summer!! I go back and forth whether I'm ready for the fall to come. I plan on soaking in all the sun until then! Recently found your blog & follower!!! Happy weekend!
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thanks so much for the note! i love reading your comments. xo. di.

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