Tuesday, August 2, 2011

mad style.

it's officially august.  and that usually officially means mad men is back or will be soon.  but not this year.  yes, i'm still complaining about it.  but i'm also doing something about it: let's discuss banana republic's new mad men collection.

the men's collection is pretty dreamy, isn't it?  c loves wearing bow ties, so i'm glad to see them featured here.  i may also need to buy him that gray collared-sweater two rows above.  'cause yum.  

as for the ladies, i really like that the vintage look is understated enough so as to fall into the "classic" category rather than "trendy," because who wants to buy pieces that only last a season or two?  that's just not how i roll.  my favorite pieces are the leopard print cardi + blue silk blouse in the first row and the bright pink skirt in the second row.  the gray jacket in the bottom row is also pretty fabulous

so what do you think - are you a fan? 

xo. di.


  1. Thumbs way up! I agree with you; this collection evokes more of an enduring classic look than a passing fad. These are pieces that will look current for a long time to come (and that's the kind of stuff I always want to fill my closet with!)

  2. I'm with you, I love the men's collection. The womens is a little costumey all together so I think I would like individual pieces best.

  3. I really like the stuff. I'm very hourglass-y, so all the defined waists are making me very happy. And I agree with Things That Sparkle...I think the pieces will look better broken up and styled so that they don't look quite so costumey.


  4. Ahh this is the first time I've seen this collection! I LOVE Mad Men - and LOVE this collection. Adorable.

  5. I am in LOVE! These are gorgeous pieces and I can totally picture different characters wearing them!


  7. thanks for the comments, ladies! did anyone pick up any of the pieces?!


thanks so much for the note! i love reading your comments. xo. di.

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