Monday, July 18, 2011

much love monday.

i like to use monday as a way to reflect on the previous week, to start anew, and to send a little love into the world.  won't you join me?    

today i am grateful for:

a sad but very well done conclusion to the harry potter series.  i will so miss this world (although i know i will revisit it time and time again).

pictures worth a thousand words:

 {a fun little flower in the garden behind trump tower}
 {mid-week dinner with c for an hp-inspired menu at the melting pot}
{some very important books}
{tea and "pumpkin pasties" left over from my little hp party - more pics tomorrow!}
{bridesmaid dress shopping with sis + bridesmaids}

this week's blog love:
here's to another grateful and love-filled week.  

xo. di.   
*images by me


  1. Love the colors of those bridesmaid dresses! And love that melting pot had a HP menu, so fun!

  2. ditto to alex's comments.. what a fun, fresh palette! and thanks for the shout out!


  3. hi there! i'm your newest friend and i must say, i am adoring your blog! this post is especially awesome! those HP items are hilarious and awesome! i love those bridesmaid dress colors as well.

  4. Aww, how cute! I love that The Melting Pot did a special HP-themed menu. It's so sad that the series is really completely over now; it's been a long time since I've followed it, but there was a time when it was my life!

  5. I wish we would have celebrated before seeing the movie! but we went with friends at the last second & it wasn't meant to be. love that menu :)

  6. aw thanks so much everybody! such nice comments.


thanks so much for the note! i love reading your comments. xo. di.

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