Thursday, June 2, 2011

thoughtful thursdays: civility.

i like to write these thoughtful posts when i'm feeling, um, thoughtful.  like today.  

you know how sometimes there's a quote, a phrase, a line, or even a single word that keeps with you long after you've read or heard it?   i have that going on right now.  over the weekend, i was in the lovely stationery shop greer here in chicago, picking up a birthday card for my mom, and i saw it:

it's actually a motto of sorts for the shop, and i think it's fabulous.  i may even have to adopt it for my own.

i strive to be as civil as i can in my daily life.  sometimes i fall short - i have my grouchy moments for sure - but i very much try.  i say lots of pleases and thank yous.  i say hello to the bus driver.  i keep my composure (at least outwardly) even on impossibly long lines at the daley center (the cook county courthouse, for those not in chicago!).

i tend to be a kill them with kindness type when it comes to strangers, coworkers, or anyone else encountered in the greater world.  but sometimes, the uncivilized nature of others starts to wear on me.  an ill-timed rude comment or response, and i start to wonder why i feel the need to try so hard when others around me are not.   you start to think that acting civil is actually working against you.  

and that's when i must remember this quote.  you don't have to be the a-hole or the one taking the hard line to succeed.  you don't need to be a push-over (the flip side of this issue), but you can be civil, you can be rational, you can give a little, meet halfway, compromise.  it's something to strive for, not something to be looked down upon. 

and it is not a weakness.  

xo. di.   

p.s.  do you like the images i chose to compliment this post?  apparently to me civility involves coffee or tea, a perfectly put-together ensemble, and something to read.  interesting... 
*images 1, 2, 3, 4 


  1. I liked being able to see what visuals you associate with words. Plus that Kate Spade bag is to die for :) But yes, I completely, 100 percent agree with you. Civility doesn't mean you're giving up or not trying your hardest.

  2. You know I agree so much with you! Using manners, being kind, thinking before speaking, or even caring about others could make such a difference in the world! Keep hangin' in there, D !!

  3. I definitely dig the images you chose - especially the last one! As for civility goes - you said it beautifully! At first I thought this was going to be a post about civil unions in Illinois! Well said, Diane!

  4. I just love this! I'm not always civil to people, but I'm trying *really* hard to live more graciously. Thanks for the reminder!

    P.S., I found your blog on my little "Explore" section of my Google Reader, and I'm glad I did! I'm your newest follower!


  5. love the pics. civility, coffee & tea. perfection.

    ps - have yet to visit greer but have heard about it. must go asap!

  6. thanks for the GREAT feedback, everyone. i really, really appreciate it.

    alexandria - exactly!

    diane - it's actually a lot of what you discuss on YOUR blog :)

    mo pie, please - oh my! i definitely don't get that political around here :)

    joelle - thanks so much! i'm so glad you discovered it!

    danielle - it's a precious little place, worth a visit for sure!


thanks so much for the note! i love reading your comments. xo. di.

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