Wednesday, April 20, 2011

easter bonnet.

with all the frills upon it...

i love the idea of getting all gussied up for easter sunday.  my sister and i had many a matching easter dress during our childhood, and i tended to embrace it.   when i saw jill's easter outfit post over at the good life for less, i decided to make up my own challenge: if i were somewhere warm for easter (i'll be in northern michigan at the family cottage, and we're more apt to have snow than sun up there next weekend), what would i want to wear? 

for a nice easter brunch:

and for a casual easter at home:

hmmm.  is it obvious that navy, yellow, and coral are big favorites in my personal wardrobe?!  

do you have your easter outfit picked out already?!  who's doing something fun?!

xo. di.

*images created using polyvore.  sets can be found here and here


  1. LOVE the pink dress! v pretty :) o and i have no idea what im wearing for easter.. probably something more casual like the second outfit. xoxo jcd :: cornflake dreams

  2. Love love love nautical stripes. Like, obsessed. And also thank you thank you for the lemon cake recipe! I will most certainly be making them sometime very soon :)

  3. love both, but that first look is gorgeous!!


  4. wow both these outfits are just perfect. you always put together the best pieces. that pink dress is just beautiful. the colour and cut are just perfect.
    i hope you have a lovely easter at your family cottage! xx

  5. Love the first Easter outfit, thanks for the inspiration! What a delight!

  6. I love them both! The second one is very me. I love the colorful pop in the accessories. It's very Eastery. I don't have any big plans, I'll just be spending the day with my parents as my sister lives ten or so hours away and has to work, so visiting gets to be difficult. Butwe have a tradition of watch Easter Parade every year on Easter morning so I'm sure we'll be together in spirit. (:

  7. ah, thanks! i wish i was wearing either of these this weekend, but it's supposed to rain. a lot. and be like 45-50. sooooo sweaters and scarves it is!

    hope you all get to wear something pretty!


thanks so much for the note! i love reading your comments. xo. di.

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