Wednesday, March 30, 2011

over the moon.

i'm absolutely smitten with moon games, by astro-photographer laurent lavederhave a look:


these images are just the tip of the iceberg!  be sure to check out the rest of the series here.

xo. di.

p.s. thanks to julie for sending these to me!


  1. These are stunning! So witty, so charming. I love it :)

  2. Oh my gosh, so cool! You find the most unique and lovely things. I feel like I'm always pointing that out - ha!

  3. Wowwwww So Awesome!!! Love the ideas and I'm sharing this in my FB :D :D

  4. very glad you all enjoyed these so much! be sure to check out the rest of the gallery - link is above!

  5. just.beautiful. thanks so much for sharing :)



thanks so much for the note! i love reading your comments. xo. di.

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