Tuesday, March 1, 2011

red carpet: oscars 2011

well, the grand-daddy of them all has come and gone, the 83rd annual academy awards are now behind us.  frown.  i'm still trying to get a handle on what i thought of the show (and the winners), but i'm hoping to have some notes on that tomorrow.  today is all about the fashion. 

as always, we'll start with the worst...

 {sharon stone in dior}
she seriously seems to be channeling nina sayers in the final scene of black swan.  not a compliment.

 {gayle king in ?}
yikes stripes!  it seems oprah did not spring for a stylist for her bestie.

 {jennifer hudson in atelier versace}
fabulous body, but way too boobtastic. ruined the look.

 {kathryn bigelow in yves saint laurent}
last year she got the ultimate revenge on her ex james cameron (beating him as
best director for the hurt locker over his avatar), this is a very large step back from that.

 {marisa tomei in vintage charles james from lily et cie couture}
i want to love this, and i've gone back and forth quite a few times, 
but it's just too ill-fitting on her and the hair is terrible.

 {melissa leo in marc bouwer}
another one i've struggled with - i've decided i like the structure, it's the fabric that went wrong.

 {natalie portman in rodarte}
what is this length?!  make it cover her shoes and it gets a lot better.  ick to the matchy-matchy
tassel earrings.  great draping around the baby bump, though.

 {nicole kidman in dior haute couture}
ack.  why did you wear something that doubled the size of your hips?! 
this is all kinds of wrong.

 {sandra bullock in vera wang}
this one is salvageable, it's just too tight across the thighs and ill-fitting up top.  
plus that clutch makes no sense. 

{scarlett johansson in dolce & gabbana}
when i first saw her, i hated the whole look, especially the hair.  now i actually like the hair + make-up (sexy!)
and am just quibbling with the lining - it's oddly placed around the mid-section and throws off the overall look.

now let's have a look at the best

{anne hathaway in vintage valentino haute couture}
this girl looks good in red, doesn't she?  i'll talk about her hosting tomorrow,
but for now see the rest of her looks from the show here.

{gwyneth paltrow in calvin klein collection}
people seem to be conflicted on this look, but i think the dress is a stunner.  unfortunately, when she walks
the dress clings to her chest in an unflattering pointy-like way.  too bad standing still all night wasn't exactly an option! 

{hailee steinfeld in marchesa}
what a cutie.  glamorous and yet age-appropriate.  so well-spoken and confident in interviews
too, she totally won me over this awards season.  now i just have to actually see true grit!

{halle berry in marchesa}
this is just one of those dresses that is so up my alley.  lots of sequins, i love the blush/nude color
(even though it was so overdone on this red carpet), and it fits her beautifully.

{helen mirren in vivienne westwood}
all hail the queen!  legend.  she owns.  period.

{helena bonham carter in colleen atwood}
sure it's a little bit costumey but that's the way she rolls.  i love the fan purse, it totally made the look.
and bonus: colleen not only designed this dress for hbc, but she also won the oscar for
best costume design for alice in wonderland on sunday!

{hilary swank in gucci premiere}
sequins?  yes.  feathers?  yes.  the hair?  too severe.
loosen it up ala the golden globes and you have one beautiful look.

{jennifer lawrence in calvin klein collection}
i've been reading a lot of "baywatch swimsuit" comments about this dress, and while
i see where they're coming from, i was in awe of how this dress fit her.
how did it not cling to her body at ALL?!?!  amazing.  she looks hot without being vulgar.

{mila kunis in elie saab couture}
i love everything about mila's look.  great hair and make-up, a perfectly-suited dress for her,
just the right amount of lace.  lovely.

{reese witherspoon in armani privé}
 ok you guys, this is identical to my junior year homecoming dress.  except, ya know, mine wasn't made by armani,
and, uh, i had braces, and, uh, i definitely didn't look this good.  but still, she totally stole this look from me ;)
i'd show you the evidence if it didn't make me laugh every time i saw the picture. 

{virginia madsen in romona keveza}
it's simple, but i really like what's going on here.  

{amy adams in l'wren scott}
ok let's just say up front that someone needed to rip that necklace off her neck.  worst decision ever.
this dress does NOT need a necklace and really had me hemming-and-hawing over whether i liked the look at all.
but the more i saw it, the more it grew on me, and that shade of blue with her ginger locks is quite striking.
but damn that necklace!

finally, my most favorites:

{michelle williams in chanel haute couture}
she really does play ethereal well, doesn't she?  maybe a little too well, or too often, i guess i should say.
but this particular look is definitely a hit.  what a gorgeous dress.
and just the perfect hair and make-up to compliment it.

 {mandy moore in monique lhuillier}
this looked completely stunning on television, sadly less so in a photograph. i never would have expected
mandy moore to have one of my favorite dresses of the night, but she definitely blew me away.
well done, my dear!

{cate blanchett in givenchy haute couture}
this dress is exquisite.  it caught my eye immediately and all i wanted was more.  i wavered slightly
over the pointy shoulders, and then decided everything else made up for that.  hair and make-up: flawless.
the beadwork makes me melt a little.  not to mention the whole ensemble makes her look ten years younger.

the more i look at ms. blanchett, the more i fall in love.  a different choice for me, but she is my overall favorite this year.  how about you?!  who are your favorites (and not-so-favorites?!)

xo. di.

*images via tom & lorenzo 1 & 2, style.com


  1. great reviews! I haven't gotten to write mine up yet. but this definitely inspired me to get on it!

    (also, really glad you didn't like J. Hudson's dress either... so many people loved it, and I thought the boobs sticking out was super unflattering!)

  2. Sad :( I like ScarJo's dress... she has been really into the lace lately, I loved the green lace dress she wore to the MTV awards, but I'm totally with you on Jennifer Hudson... her boobs looked awful!

  3. omg gosh, so I have to respectfully SO disagree with you on cate blanchett. I literally laughed at this dress. It, to me, looks like the back of a chair is sitting on her chest with 2 large napkins flanking her shoulders. Just my humble opinion. Best of the night, halle , hillary and mila. Hillary swanks dress is the kind of fantasy dress i wish i could pull off and wear. Halle always looks gorgeous and her dress fit her beautifully. Mila Kunis looked age appropriate and just plain pretty. Loved it. And props to reese. Her hair looked beautiful too.

  4. loved your commentary. i agree with almost everything.. although i don't like the top of michelle's chanel couture gown; it looks like a t-shirt. and mandy moore's marchesa gown - i WANT to like it. the color-perf. the sparkle-perf. the tulle-PERF. but the block of sequins in her midsection make her look stumpy. i wish the beads wouldn't have stopped so abruptly. and the sleeves - yeesh.

    ps - i think you saw, but hosting a giveway starting today!


  5. just stumbled upon your blog and am loving it!

    but can we discuss the dress on the lady behind Helena Bonham Carter!??!?! What is that? It looks like a Halloween costume!

  6. This comment has been removed by the author.

  7. it's ok to disagree!

    couple of things:

    julie, i kinda sorta see your chair thing, but that's that pointy-shoulder issue that gets overruled by all the rest of the fabulousness (lol!). it's art, so i was ok with it looking a tad bit odd.

    ashley, i agree, i wish the sparkles on mandy's dress had gone all the way down.

    lol to kathryn - hadn't noticed the woman behind HBC yet, too funny!


thanks so much for the note! i love reading your comments. xo. di.

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