Thursday, January 27, 2011

thoughtful thursdays.

i'd like to write these thoughtful posts when i'm feeling, um, thoughtful.  like today. 

this time around, i'm using the extraordinary photographs of alicia bock as the eye candy surrounding my thoughts.  think it adds just a spot of whimsy to the post ;)

recently i've been thinking a lot about how to be the most authentic "me."  

you know how in the happiness project she always comes back around to "be gretchen?!" (what do you mean you still haven't picked this book up?!  hehe).  well, i've got to "be diane." 

the good news?  i've actually come a long way on this in the last couple of years.  so it's been more of a reflection on where i am successful in this "quest" versus where i can become a more authentic version of myself.

i've started to notice that there are two areas where i need to pay more attention to who i am and what i want to be.  

the first is in my career.  this isn't exactly a new revelation either, but i've brought it back to the forefront.  i'm young, i'm at the beginning of whatever lies ahead, but that shouldn't stop me from taking active steps toward a fulfilling career now.  

i don't want to get caught just going through the motions.  we spend too much of our lives in our day jobs for that to be worthwhile.

i do not necessarily want to stay in my current career path (law) for the rest of my life, but that does not mean that i shouldn't try to find the most meaningful way to spend my time while i'm in it.  i can still find the "me" in there.      

the second area of focus is right here on the blog.  many of the blogs i look up to and love most attended the altitude design summit last weekend, and through their tweets and their recaps (some favorites: oh, hello friend, design*sponge, creature comforts, marta writes, old sweet song, sarah jane studios blog, twig and thistle), i gleaned bits of advice i can apply right here. 

advice like knowing yourself.  knowing your readers.  knowing your sources and making sure to give them the credit they deserve.  

i plan to do all these things as i work harder to be the best "me" there is on a spot of whimsy.

thinking about "me"  sounds a little (ok a lot) narcissistic, but, in this case, it is in a way intended to benefit others.    

let's go back to the happiness project: "one of the best ways to make other people happy is to be happy yourself." -p. 147.  

so being happy with who i am - be diane - has the benefit of making others around me happier too.  

seems pretty worthwhile to me!  what do you think?  do you sometimes struggle at being "you" in all areas of life?  you don't have to comment, feel free to just think about it yourself.

and while we're hovering around the subject of knowing your readers, do you like thoughtful posts?  or should i keep the self-reflection to the pages of my journal?    

xo. di.


  1. I couldn't agree with you more ! On the job...we should all be enjoying what we do. Time is fleeting and life is too short to waste any of it needlessly unhappy. And, isn't it so true that when we are feeling happy and good about ourselves, we make life better for other people around us? Good happy energy attracts good happy energy.
    Success can be and should be measured by our own personal yardsticks. Mine happens to be a few of them glued together, with each mark on it a beautiful reminder of all I've done right.

  2. First off, LOVE the photos. Great choice of artist :-)

    Secondly, you're totally right! This life is short, we have to live it with joy and purpose. As hard as it is to accomplish, I believe so much of our life should be about others. And, you can't truly love/encourage any one else unless you have a heathy love for yourself-sucesses, failures, and everything in between. So, I think there has to be a healthy balance of taking care of yourself, then others. This is incredibly difficult for me- I tend to focus too much time on me & my plans. As a result, I'm not always as happy as I could be.

    Just a few, well several, thoughts :-)

  3. First of all, I can't believe you've been to anna maria island. It really is my slice of heaven. It's growing up so much - so many cute shops now, but still keeping it small, no larger than three story building policy, which i adore. But when I went back last night I couldn't believe how business is booming over there. It is just a quick 5 minute drive down the road and I am going to be more mindful to take advantage of that gorgeous place while I am home.

    Also, I really loved this post!! Thanks for your thoughts for in helping yourself you've helped me. You're asking some great questions and I think self reflection is so vital for moving forward. and you've convinced me to buy the book! I just bought it on amazon (:

    Thanks diane for the great book recommendation and for helping me be a little more "me"! xoxox

  4. No deep thoughts from me at the moment, but I will say I haven't read the "Happiness Project" yet and I have got to look this up and get reading! Thanks for the suggestion.

  5. Everyone needs to take time to reflect on their own lives and what's important to keep up the good work. The Happiness Project is now our book club's book for the month, thanks to your inspiration! Sharing our happiness can help change the world (even if only a little bit at a time).

  6. beautiful post and images! I love the feeling of it.

  7. What a great post. Both pictures and thoughtfulness. I'm also trying to figure out the best "me." And like you, I'm trying to figure out my career path. I enjoy certain aspects of it, but in general I know my current work situation isn't working. And it's easy to become complacent, trying something new takes some guts.

    Overall, I want to be happy. Guess I should pick up that book!

  8. i am thrilled with your responses to this post! thank you to all! and individually:

    julie - i completely agree that good energy breeds good energy. and we need to be aware of that as we go about our daily lives!

    amanda - i'm glad you like the photography! i love alicia bock's work too (obviously). the balance is uber-important. i tend to lean one way and then the other, overcompensating. it's something one must pay attention to and always reevaluate.

    sarah - i haven't been in about 7 years, and i'll bet it's changed a TON since then! i would love to go back sometime soon. like now cause i am freezing up here in chi! i hope you like happiness project as much as i (clearly) do. report back :)

    kristen - that's alright, i don't always have them either! hope you like happiness project as well!

    diane and chad - yay! i hope your book club likes it :)

    taylor sterling - thanks, dear!

    chic sensibility - glad you like!

    cathy - thanks! couldn't agree more. it's easy to plod along. hard to take the reins.


thanks so much for the note! i love reading your comments. xo. di.

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