Tuesday, January 18, 2011

red carpet: golden globes

awards show season is heating up, my dears!  as i mentioned after the emmys, i'm a bit of an awards show junkie, and the golden globes are always a party (despite the sometimes-terrible-noms - who knew the tourist was a musical or comedy?!).  

so let's talk about the fashion.  it's always more fun to start with the worst...

{sofia vergara in vera wang}
it's the fabric, it's just cheap-looking.  her curves, her hair, and her makeup: all gorgeous, but that fabric, ah!

  {halle berry in vintage nina ricci}
ok, she looks stunning.  so hot right now.  but this needed to stay in the bedroom i'm afraid.

{christina aguilera in zuhair murad}
this dress does her absolutely no favors.  ages her, she looks stuffed in, and why is her face so puffy?

{helena bonham carter in vivienne westwood}
aw, bellatrix.  i love this woman.  she owns it, but i can't let this one go by (although i actually like the mismatched shoes).

{january jones in versace}
can you at least try to look like you're enjoying yourself, mrs. betty draper francis?!  gees.  
the shorter fringe flap in the front looked terrible when she walked on stage, and it's just too much skin.  she meandered into the land of distaste.

  {jennifer lopez in zuhair murad}
this screams outdated.  as my girlfriend said while we were watching, "doesn't she always look like she's in the 90s?!"

{katey sagal in douglas hannatt}
again, it's the fabric.  it's so cheap-looking!  other than that, it's fairly flattering and bold.  and congrats to her on her win!

{michelle williams in valentino}
ick.  ick.  ick. not even good in a cutesy way.

 {natalie portman in viktor & rolf}
i was seriously so disappointed in everything i see above.  
how does a prima ballerina wan become a tacky valentine in one bad dress?!  here's hoping for more at the oscars!  

and now for the best!

{angelina jolie in atelier versace}
emerald green was all the rage, which i loved, but she did it best. 

{emma stone in calvin klein collection}
this dress didn't photograph as well as it looked on television, but she still looks stunning.  i could never pull this off.

{claire danes in calvin klein collection}
claire is quickly becoming one of my favorite red carpet ladies.  
like emma, she also chose to wear the pantone color of the year (honeysuckle), and she looks beautiful, if a smidge too skinny.

{eva longoria in zac posen}
love the structure.

{julianne hough in marchesa}
it's bold.  i know not everyone will like this one, but i can't stop looking at this dress, in a good way!

{lea michelle in oscar de la renta}
nothing shocking, but very pretty. 

{nicole kidman in prada}
she has such a presence.  i am jealous.

{anne hathaway in armani privé}
even more surprising than all the long puffy sleeves on sunday's red carpet (dynasty nostalgia?) is my positive reaction to them.  anne looks dynamite.

{jayma mays in alberta ferretti}
a whole new fabulous side of miss emma pillsbury!

{megan fox in armani privé}
i don't want to like this, but i do in spite of myself.

{olivia wilde in marchesa}
when she first came on the screen i was stopped in my tracks in awe.  how much fun did she look like she was having in this?  
i want this gown.  but i'd wear my hair much differently.

{dianna argon in j.mendel}
my absolute favorite of the night.  she may still be a rising star, but last night?  she looked like she was all the way on top.  flawless.  timeless.  classic.  

who were your best and worst?!  feel free to disagree with me :)

xo. di.

*images via style.com


  1. ok, you asked for comments? ready? lol...
    sofia V- trick or treat
    Halle b- ALWAYS wear your hair this way. Never wear this dress again.
    Christina A- best voice on the planet, worst dress.
    Helena BC- did you come straight from a burton movie set?
    January- erase this dress from the calendar ! ew
    JLO- I think I had a short version of this dress back in the 70's..and it wasnt good then either !
    Katey S- COFFIN
    Michelle W- hair is sorta cute. Dress is NOT
    Natalie P- black feathers looked better than this.
    Angelina. Loved the color. Not the dress so much. Not a fan of shoulder pads. they went out for a reason.
    Chaire= 2nd place . beautiful.
    Eva- looks like I did your hair.
    Julianne= my namesake. BEAUTIFUL.
    Lea M- 2nd place TIE. BEAUTIFUL. hair is perfect for dress. she is one of my favs on the carpet lately.
    Nicole K- pretty dress. Hair not so much.
    Anne H- again. shoulder pads went out for a reason. yuck.
    Ms. Pillsbury. PUT SOME WEIGHT ON. and get rid of the net on the chest.
    Megan Fox- take the strap off this dress...to gimmicky- and I would love the dress
    Olivia wilde- beautiful dress but blew it with the hair. If your hair had been up, you would have tied for 2nd.
    Dianna Argon- such a beautiful girl. perfect necklace choice.

  2. emma and claire in those ck dresses are tops. such a flattering hue on fair skin. i was so suprised by michelle williams - she usually has great taste. i wish i could tell these stars that just because a famous designer made it, doesn't mean you should wear it!

  3. Woah there Julie (TIM GUNN VOICE). Designers, it looksTH like costumesTH are all the rage at this years Golden Globs.

    Best - Angelina as a dragon.

    Worst - Anne Hathaway as Gary Oldman in Dracula. Guess they're doing a reboot. See: http://jallred.homestead.com/Braum_Strokers_Dracula_In_Armor.jpg

    PS cool tat Megan Fox (/disdain)

  4. i think the best was claire danes, worst was january jones.

  5. CTF, uh, mr. gunn... who is your choice for best ( for real?!)

  6. LOVING these comments, hahaha. Julie, love your blow-by-blow. "January - erase this dress from the calendar" - LOL!

    CTF - awesome Tim Gunn call-out!

    ashley - agree on being disappointed in michelle

    amber - as you can see, agree on your choices too!


thanks so much for the note! i love reading your comments. xo. di.

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