Monday, January 10, 2011

grateful: week 38

inspired by my reading of the happiness project by gretchen rubin, i am instituting monday "gratitude" posts (read here for more detail), where i will list "3 things i'm grateful for" from the previous week.

the 3 things i'm grateful for this week are:

1) i "survived" the first post-holiday 5 day work week (it's amazing how easy it is to get used to the short ones!).

2) i spent most of the weekend running some long-overdue errands (IKEA, target), and arranging and rearranging my whole apartment.  it's far from done, but i made some good headway.

3) my boy, for getting me out of the bad mood i was in at the start of the above-mentioned errands (some days i can be a little cranky...).  

 {a little sample of the new organization!}

this week's blog love:
here's to another grateful week.

xo. di.

*image from my personal collection


  1. Loving your organization, and now I'm totally inspired. Just hope I can actually apply the inspiration and get myself even moderately organized. I miss Ikea! I used to go there rather often when I lived outside Chicago, but we don't have any around here in Nebraska. Sigh.

    Off to check out that wonderful selection of links. Happy Monday, darlin'!

  2. thanks casee marie, it's always easier to start organizing with fun/pretty things like craft supplies!


thanks so much for the note! i love reading your comments. xo. di.

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