Tuesday, November 9, 2010

now open: one sydney road.

here's a little story for you:  

there once was a girl named piper, author of the blog one sydney road, who didn't care so much for her day job.  she had always wanted to have a home store of her very own, you see.  so, when the lovely miss jesslc of makeunder my life called for a new "reporter" for her friday dream report series, piper submitted her dream.  lo and behold, jess chose her!  for the next 24 weeks, each friday, piper updated the makeunder my life readers on her progress toward her dream (here's her very first post).  

some weeks piper talked of setbacks, other weeks there were great steps forward.  but it was all leading up to last monday, november first, when piper's home decor online boutique opened for business!  after hearing so much about her journey, i was so thrilled to see the finished project (but this isn't really the end, it's just the beginning now isn't it?!), and i think you should too.  here's a brief look at one sydney road:

{an adorable little gift guide!}

did you recognize some jesslc jewelry and an emersonmade purse in there?!  i think it's safe to say this store has become a fast favorite!

i'm also seriously contemplating purchasing this tiered fruit basket, like, immediately.  might just be the solution to my minimal-kitchen-counter-space problem:

 {and it's vintage!  cool, huh?}

 xo. di.
*image 1 via the maddy chronicles, all other images via one sydney road


  1. Gorgeous items. I would love so many in my kitchen!

  2. Wow - I'm tearing up - this is such a beautiful post!! Thank you so much - you are too sweet! I loved seeing it in story form...that's my story!!! :) I feel so lucky to have such great bloggy friends like you supporting me!!

    (and btw...don't you just adore emersonmade???)

  3. i agree with you, teaching in heels!

    piper, i'm SO thrilled you like the post! it was easy to do, your product and your store speak for themselves :) keep up the great work! xo. (ps emersonmade? LOVE!)

  4. Such an inspiring story... and what beautiful items too :)

  5. Oh my goodness, everything's so beautiful! It's always inspiring to know that people are out there achieving their dreams. I love it :)


thanks so much for the note! i love reading your comments. xo. di.

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